Gros Hotel and Brvnara Restaurant Leskovac

Gros Hotel and Brvnara Restaurant Leskovac

The Groš Hotel is comfortable 2 stars facility in Leskovac, Svetozara Miletića street, 10 minutes of an easy walk to the center of the town.

The Groš Hotel in Leskovac provides comfortable accommodation to business people and tourists in 30 modern rooms that come in types single, double and triple rooms, equipped with single or king-size beds, laminate floors, air conditioning, cable TV, DVD, phone, free WiFi and minibar.

All rooms of the Groš Hotel in Leskovac feature bathrooms with showers and hair dryers. Guests staying at the Groš Hotel in Leskovac are served with rich and varied buffet breakfast, that fulfills all tastes and food requirements.

The Groš Hotel in Leskovac has own designated parking for 80 cars, which is 24 hours under surveillance, restaurant with 90 seats, meeting room, entertainment room and festive wedding hall /Crystal Hall/, children playground, room for table tennis, and provides room service, bike rental and laundry and ironing services.

The Juzna Morava River flows close to Leskovac, and it features numerous tributaries, of which the most important are rivers of Veternica – which flows through the town, Jablanica River, Vucjanka River and Pusta Reka River, some of them are very suitable for adventurous outdoor activities.

The town of Leskovac is surrounded with three artificial lakes – the  Brestovačko, Barje and Vlasinsko jezero lakes, which attract fishermen, nature lovers and guests fond of water sports and activities. Leskovac has 144 settlements with population of around 160000.

As the unofficial metropolis of rostilj – grilled meat specialties, which proudly far and wide makes fame of Leskovac, the famous manifestation and traditional event of Rostiljijada, held every last week of August or the first week of September attracts several thousands of visitors to Leskovac!

The Ethno brvnara Groš – Gros traditional cottage is fantastic traditional restaurant that was established by the need and wish to provide guests with full impression of quietness and satisfaction of the authentic rural ambiance, that brings them back to the wonderful days in the villages.

Besides the beauty of the whole facility that impresses eyes of visitor, the other senses also enjoy thanks to the unbeatable and memorable taste of traditional dishes and authentic hospitality of Leskovac people.

The highly reputed Brvnara Gros Restaurant serves its guests large choice of mouthwatering Leskovac rostilj, as well as wide choice of international dishes, roasted meat and also branded specialties, such are : Cobanski biftek /shepherd steak/, Kosački ražnjić /mower grilled pork meat on the stick/ , Fallow steak, Morava dream and particularly unique speciality of seljačko meso na žaru /peasant grilled meat/.

The main characteristic of the Gros Brvnara Restaurant is that all dishes are served in ceramic and wooden pots, as the ancestors did throughout the centuries…

The traditional Brvnara Groš in Leskovac is widely known by its ethno – traditional ambiance with recognizable Leskovac, Serbian and international kitchen.

In this famous restaurant guests enjoy in original food and grill specialties : cow cheese, Vlasina cheese, Goat cheese with herbs, Brvnara starter (sprža – grilled entrails, kaymak, proja – corn bread, cheese), Sprža of Leskovac, Užice smoked ham, smoked meat, sour milk, Zlatibor kaymak, olives, pihtije /aspic/, pickled cheese, pickled peppers stuffed with sour milk, fried pepper stuffed with kaymak, sprža with pickled peppers, corn bread with kaymak, kačamak /hominy/, Fried kachkaval cheese, Grilled mushrooms, Omellete with sprza, omellet with ham, omellete with cheese, corn bread, summer dish of peppers and tomaato, fried young cheese,  grilled matured cheese, tomato, cucamber, Shoppi salad, fresh peppers, peppers in oil, pickled peppers, Garden fresh salad, Tarator Salad, Trljanica Salad, Urnebes Salad, fresh Cabbage Salad, pickled Cabbage, Brvnara Salad, Moravska Salad, Vitamin Salad, gibanitza/cheese pie/, pie with leek, spinach pie, Cabbage pie, Chicken Soup, Beef Soup, Chicken Soup with homemade noodles, Vetegable potage, Cabbage Casserole, sarma in wine leaves, Beans, Leskovac sarma, Leskovačka mućkalica, lamb cooked under the pot, pig legs with cabbage, beef ribbs cooked under the pot, ćevapi, ćevapi with kaymak, uštipak, small and large pljeskavica, Gourmet pljeskavica small and large, stuffed pljeskavica, đevrek with  kaymak, grilled pork meat, stuffed pork steak, smoked pork steak, grilled pork meat on the stick, grilled chicken meat on the stick, chicken breasts, stuffed chicken breasts, rolled chicken liver, stuffed chicken drumstick, grilled liver in skim, smoked sausage, rolled cevap in bacon, mixed rostilj meat for 2 persons… Kosački ražnjić – pork meat, bacon, chicken breasts, peppers, kaymak; Čobanski biftek /shepherd steak/ – steak, sprža, mushrooms, kaymak; Moravski san /Morava Dream/ – chicken breasts, sesame seed, mushrooms, kaymak, sauce; Fellow Steak – pork meat, smoked ham, mushrooms, kackaval cheese; Seljačko meso na žaru /grilled pork peasant style/ –  pork meat, mushrooms, homemade bread, bread baked on furnace…

With support of town of Leskovac, the international Carnival is held every July as the tourist manifestation which includes procession of international participants, children carnival, large masquerade, exhibition and concerts.

Legend has it that the town of Leskovac was named after the former lake, which was located beneath the hill. The new plant of hazelnut /leska, lesnik/ appeared on the place where the lake evaporated and provided the name of the settlement. During Turkish rule, the settlement was called Hisar, after the Turkish word for fortress. Even today the hill above the town of Leskovac bears the name Hisar.