Gora Folklore Group

Gora” folklore Group cherishes the Serbian national music. In their repertoire, the members of the Gora Folklore Group treasure songs from all the regions where Serbs live or used to live. They interpret the songs authentically, the way they were recorded in the field, while some of them are being enriched by musical arrangements which often include accompaniment of old, traditional instruments such as: flute, kaval (end-blown flute), string instrument called tambura, lute, goblet drum, tapan ( double-headed frame drum), daire ( round single-headed drum)… Some of those aberrations from the original record are also achieved by the presence of violoncello. This is the way the members of the group Gora endeavor to breathe in a new life to the old Serbian songs and this bring the valuable inheritance closer to a modern man, being the residence of urban environment and educated musicians themselves. In order to show the Serbian musical tradition as completely as possible, they have also enriched their program by some movements and dancing at the stage.

The Gora Folklore group was founded by the students that had been graduated from the Secondary Music School“ Mokranjac” at the musicology department, having as a major the Serbian traditional singing. Group Gora held it’s first concert in April of 2002. at the Ethnographic Museum. Since then they have performed at the numerous manifestations throughout the country: Ducic days of poetry in Trebinje, Days of transfiguration in Raska, Days of Sava Jeremic, Days of Misic in Mionica, Days of Danube, as well as in various programs in Belgrade, Pancevo, Becej, Pozega, Novi Pazar, Novi Sad, Subotica, Sabac, Mladenovac… Members of the group Gora are also part of the Musical Ensemble “ Stupovi” and besides the published CD, they participate for four years in numerous concerts throughout Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina within the project “ Renew ourselves, raise the Stupovi”. They have been guests at the CD of Brankica Vasic-Vasilisa with one song of their own and as the supporting vocals, and the two of their songs are included in the CD compilation Serbian Etno Sound 2, published by Hi-Fi centre. At the concert of Vasilisa in Belgrade they had the opportunity to perform together with the famous musicians that play the traditional musical instruments and that came from Macedonia, Lebanon, Bulgaria, as well as with Teodosij Spasov, Vasil Hadzimanov Band, and the St Georges Strings. They have also been collaborating with the Ensemble “Renesans”, “Joculatores Slavenses”, “Carpe Diem” and with the Jazz Orchestra of Jova Maljokovic. They played in a documentary about young people who are engaged in preserving the Serbian traditional music. Gora Group has participated in the programs of the National Television, in the series with similar theme field such as “Jeka”, “Zaboravljeni umovi Srbije”, etc.