Goc Mountain

Goc Mountain

Goč Mountain is a part of the northern Kopaonik Mountain range, located some 200 km south of Belgrade and ca 20 km south of Vrnjacka Banja Spa,. Goc Mountain can be accessed from Kraljevo via Kamenica village up to the peak of Dobre vode and from Vrnjačka Banja Spa to the Stanišinci village along the gorgeous forest scenery. The highest peak of the Goc Mountain is Krnja jela, 1127 meters high. Thick and fragrant pine and larch forests, numerous crystal-clear creeks and rivers that join the Zapadna Morava and the Rasina rivers, with well preserved watermills, small lake, pastures and large lawns are features that make the perfect natural environment of Goč Mountain. Goč Mountain is rich in medicinal herbs, mushrooms and forest strawberries. Mitrovo Polje is outstanding natural locality of Goc Mountain at elevation of some 700 meters which features uniquely pleasant climatic conditions and lots of sunny days, situated in the northwestern part of Aleksandrovac Municipality. Mitrovo Polje spreads along the southern slope of Goč Mountain, actually its ranges of Ljukten Mt /1219 meters/ and Vrhova /996m/ and Željin Mountain /1785 meters/ which encircle the Valley of Rasina River from the western side. Mitrovo Polje is sheltered by the southern side by high ranges of Željin Mountain – Provaljeno guvno /1216m/, Vranja stena /1097 meters/, and Vragolija. From the eastern side, the Mitrovo Polje locality is connected with rather narrow valley of the Rasina River which flows towards southeast into the tiny Pleš village, while the high massif of Lisac Mt /1065 meters/ rises on the northeast side. Average altitude of Mitrovo Polje varies from 650 meters in the Valley of Rasina River up to 730 meters on the slopes of Ljukten Mountain. There are 5 well marked hiking trails on Goc Mountain, through forests and along the vast meadows, different in elevation levels and lengths.

On the part of Goc Mountain from the Vrnjačka Banja Spa there are two ski tracks of 500 meters and 60 meters wide, with the level difference of 123 meters from the bottom. The special feature of this ski track is option for night skiing. The whole ski track is lighted which provides unique and memorable experience to snow and ski lovers. The Dobre Vode Tourist center on Goc Mountain is well connected with the newly built paved road from the Vrnjacka Banja Spa and there is the hotel bearing the same name – Dobre vode. Right next to the Dobre Vode Hotel there are two ski tracks of 300 meters in length for beginners and children who have ski lift on their disposal. In the close proximity is the 1150 meters gondola with the ski track which is 1400 meters long. The level difference on this track is 350 meters. On Goc Mountain there are 2 ski-tracks for beginners with 2 ski lifts and two ski-tracks of 1150 meters and 1400 meters with the height level of about 350 meters. Besides those activities, there is variety of activities awaiting visitors of the Goc Mountain – ski running on five marked tracks, and a 30-meters ski jump for all who love more adventurous activities.

Beside skiing and winter sports, many other sports such are hiking and mountaineering and recreational activities as snow shoeing and mountain bike ride are practiced on Goč Mountain, with comfortable accommodation option and comfortable amenities. Goč Mountain is also known for its cultural-historical monuments, such as “Roman Cemetery” where German Saxon coal-miners had been exploiting iron and lead ore in the Medieval times of the Nemanjić Dynasty. In this area there are beautiful medieval monasteries of Drenca, Rudenica and Melentija built in Morava architectural style and the beautiful stronghold – medieval fortified town of Koznik, dominating from a top of a mountain peak 922 meters high. The Monastery of SS Cosmas and Damian is located in the upper course of the Rasina River beside the Ples village, at the elevation of some 900 meters. It is believed that the Monastery of SS Cosmas and Damian – holy healers in Ples village was erected around 1420 with its foundation connected with the lord Radič Postupovič who constructed the nearby medieval fortified town – stronghold of Koznik.

Thanks to its centuries old tradition of wine growing in the close vicinity there are numerous Zupa wineries and wine cellars which produce superb wines. Visit to those wine cellars is strongly recommended and always part of our tours visiting this beautiful part of Serbia. Visitors say that grilled mountainous trout – and also smoked trout from Goc Mountain is fantastic !!!