Rhodope Mountains Countryside

The Rhodope Mountains are the oldest mountains in the Balkan Peninsula, about 240 km long and about 100 – 120 km wide, covering an area of about 15000 square meters of the southernmost part of Bulgaria. The highest peak of the Rhodope Mountains is Golyam Perelik – 2191 meters, situated in the Mursalitsa hill. The name of the Rhodope Mountains comes from the Greek expression of Rhodope (rosy-cheeked), the name of Queen Rhodope of Thrace from the Greek mythology. Rhodope Mountains are famous for the both karst relief and of mild oval forms, the amazing colorful nature animated by the authentic architecture of picturesque villages, and by the unique hospitality of the people and the legendary songs of Orpheus that make Rhodope Mountains. The Rhodope Mountains comprise of many rolling mountain ridges divided by deep river valleys and spacious hollows. The scenery in Rhodope Mountains is superb – gentle rolling hills, rich green valleys, and magnificent limestone gorges, numerous mineral springs, fascinating caves and lakes, Thracian and Roman roads and ruins, picturesque ancient villages with centuries old houses, mosques, churches and humpbacked bridges. The hospitality of the Rhodope Mountains people is famous and unhurried pace of life is just impressive, so visitors usually admire staying at the remarkable traditional residences and mansions in the Eastern Rhodopes mountain. There are numerous amazing places of interest in the Rhodope Mountains – Perperikon Temple of Dionysos, Tatul Tomb near Momchilovgrad, wonderful Rock Bridges, Gela village – the birthplace of Orpheus, Kovachevica village, intriguing ancient Gradishte Fortress at elevation of 1850 meters, Yagodina Cave, Asenova Krepost Church on the top of a cliff, on the left bank of the Asenitsa River, Smolyan Lake, The Devils Throat Cave, Devils Bridge….