Fruskogorski djeram Rooms and Restaurant Grgeteg village Irig

Fruskogorski djeram Rooms and Restaurant Grgeteg village Irig

The Fruškogorski đeram – Fruska Gora Shadoof is brand new and comfortable tourist facility – rural tourist household of 4 stars quality in the village of Grgeteg in Fruska Gora Mt-National Park, in Irig Municipality. The Grgeteg is tiny village of only 30 inhabitants, set 24 km away from Novi Sad and some 75 km from Belgrade, at the edge of the lush forests of the Fruska Gora National Park, at the elevation of some 280 meters. Thick linden forests and gentle-rolling hills covered with vineyards and meadows surround the Grgeteg village, making it the perfece destination for quiet enjoyment in nature.

Young and diligent owners of the Fruskogorski djeram facility, Ilija and Dragana have built comfortable tourist facility with the water-well – original shadoof on the estate of the family of Ilija, and soon they added authentic traditional restaurant and comfortable amenities for pleasant holidays and relaxation of visitors. The Fruškogorski đeram – the Fruska Gora Shadoor in the Grgeteg village was constructed along the blessing of the Abbot of the nearby medieval Grgeteg Monastery that by the legend has been built in the second half of the 15th century by despot Zmaj Ognjeni Vuk – Vuk -Wolf the Fiery-Dragon. Nowadays the Grgeteg Monastery makes one of the most significant historical, religious and tourist attractions of the Fruska Gora area, along with the nearby monasteries of Velika Remeta, Novo and Staro Hopovo and Krusedol Monastery, and numerous natural advantages and activities awaiting guests – clean mountain air, perfect peace and tranquility, excellent marked hiking trails, wineries, ….

The Fruškogorski đeram tourist facility – rural tourist household provides comfortable stay in 4 spacious bedrooms with the structure of 1 quadrule room – 1 king size beds and 2 separate beds, 2 double rooms  /1 room with king size beds and another room with 2 separate beds/ and 1 triple room. Accommodation units of the Fruškogorski đeram tourist household are equipped with amenities for pleasant vacations and stay in this uniquely quiet village of Fruska Gora Mountain – free WiFi, laminate floors with carpeting, wooden beds with comfortable matraces and soft linen, wardrobe, SAT LCD TV, modern bathrooms with showeers and toiletries.

TheFruškogorski đeram tourist facility has nicely appointed air-conditioned restaurant with 70 seats and open garden with some 20 seats. It is highly suitable for excellent tasty family or business meal, or traditional tasting of food prepared from locally grown ingredients. Here guests can have homemade breakfast – fritters, young and hard cheeses, gibanitza – cheese pie, proja – corn bread, smoked delicacies, homemade jams, as well as tasty food of the Srem and Vojvodina – local starters on a plate, soups, goulash with homemade noodles, beans with sausage, pork leg with potato, rostilj – grilled meat, various local seasonal salads, original sweets – noodles filled with plums, pancakes, doughnuts with apricot jam, cherry or apple pie, ….. Wines from nearby wineries best go with such tasty food – Kovacevic Winery, Tadic Winery,… or natural juices – mint, elder flower, cherry juices. Thanks to extraordinary hospitable owners-hosts and fantastic homemade food and drinks, the  Fruškogorski đeram in Grgeteg makes favorite place for rest and relaxation of hikers, nature lovers and numerous visitors of the Fruska Gora area.

Additional amenities of the Fruškogorski đeram rural tourist household – children playground, horse-back riding in Krusedol village, souvenir or culinary workshops under support of the hosts and local artisans, team building activities, hiking tours along the Fruska Gora Mountain-National Park with hiking guides from-to Grgeteg : tour 1/ Grgeteg – Šatrinačko jezero Lake – Krušedol Monastery – Ubavac  spring – Velika Remeta Monastery – Stražilovo – Karlovački vinogradi /vineyards of Sremski Karlovci/ – Bukovački plato /Bukovac plateau/ – Karlovački dunavac –plaža “Varljivo leto 68.“ /the famous beach in Sremski Karlovci/, winery with wine tasting in Sremski Karlovci. Hiking tour 2/ Grgeteg –Staro and Novo Hopovo Monasteries – Pavlovačko jezero Lake – Jazak  Monastery – Mala Remeta Monastery – Širine observation point – Bešenovačko jezero Lake – Brankovac – the Beli majdan Cave – Zmajevac – Vrdnik Banja Spa….