Fruskogorska Lugarnica Rural tourist complex Mala Remeta Irig

Fruskogorska Lugarnica Rural tourism complex Mala Remeta Irig

The “Lugarnica” in Mala Remeta village is tourist facility with accommodation of 2 stars category with excellent restaurant located in the southern slopes of the Fruska Gora National Park which feature largest number of sunny days throughout the year, tranquility and fresh mountainous air. The village of Mala Remeta je tiny village of the Irig Municipality with some more than 100 inhabitants, and surroundings of forests and meadows, where guests are guaranteed full peace and harmony with protected nature. From the Fruškogorska lugarnica tourist complex in Mala Remeta village on Fruska Gora Mountain-National Park, spreads beautiful view to the flat part of the Srem district, while in bright days one can enjoy panorama of Cer, Gucevo and Avala Mountains – with the Avala TV Tower, as well as to the Majevica Mountain in Republika Srpska. Predecessor of the Fruškogorska lugarnica tourist facility in Mala Remeta village is the Lugarnica Restaurant on the Iriški Venac Point of Fruska Gora, widely famous for successful multi-decade reputation in catering and tourism, so this tourist facility in Mala Remata makes the logical advancement of family business as destination for pleasant family vacations or interesting team building group arrangements with selected activities.

The tourist facility with accommodation and restaurant of “Fruškogorska lugarnica” in Mala Remeta village is located within the territory of Irig Municipality, 27 km away from Novi Sad, 73 km from Belgrade, 11 km away from Ruma, 15 km from Sremska Mitrovica. The Fruškogorska lugarnica tourist complex is also only 6 km away from the famous Vrdnik Banja Spa where guests use various amenities to fulfill their peaceful vacations in Fruska Gora – pools, spa and curative treatments and excursion spots….Thaks to suitable Rose winds, the village of Mala Remeta is regarded as extraordinary suitable destination for improvement of thyroid gland function, and alleviation of cardio-vascular and lung diseases. The Fruškogorska Lugarnica tourist facility is located right next to the Medieval Mala Remeta Monastery which is first time mentioned in 1546 so the whole environment features peace that invigorates body and soul.

The tourist complex of accommodation and restaurant of the Fruškogorska lugarnica in Mala Remeta village on Fruska Gora boasts some 35 beds in 11 perfectly clean and smoke-free apartments in wooden houses with double-twin rooms, triple and four bed rooms with comfortable bathrooms with showers. Rooms of the Fruškogorska lugarnica tourism complex provides comfort and amenities for relaxed vacations and invigoration of guests throughout the year, regardless the season, as every season has its privileges – free WiFi, tiled-parquet floors, central heating, comfortable wooden single or king size beds with soft anti-allergic linen-towels, LCD TV, bathroom with shower.

In two spacious indoor restaurants and in lovely appointed garden with shade and plenty of greenery, guests are served with tasty food and traditional specialties of Srem area – various soups, grilled dishes, fish dishes, larded venison-Roe Deer, game sausages, goulash with homemade noodles, salads, various original sweets, along with excellent wines of Fruska Gora area. Upon request it is possible to organize special regime of food, related to wishes and needs of guests, or food suitable for children and vegetarians, festive menus for various celebrations, birthday and other parties….

The Fruškogorska lugarnica tourist complex in the Mala Remeta village provides its guests excellent conditions for peaceful vacations, especially for children, as there is a mini horse farm of the Shetland pony horses which make one of the most common and the most favorite horse breeds in which children fell in love. Beautiful lake on the vast estate of the Fruškogorska lugarnica accumulates waters from four springs. Guests staying or visiting the “Fruškogorska Lugarnica” tourist facility in Fruska Gora have opportunity of riding horse and taking carriage ride along picturesque surroundings, in cooperation with the local horse club. Thanks to excellent conditions and perfectly safe and peaceful ambiance, here are successfully organized various events, and especially successful children summer and winter camps – language education, music education – special Flute Course, various workshops and seminars. Guests keen to experience adventure and all who want some team building activities are provided with more adrenaline activities – competitions in open nature, archery, zip line, masquerade, old crafts workshops, workshops-education on Calligraphy of Cyrillic alphabet and icon painting….. Vacations of shorter stay at the “Fruškogorska lugarnica” tourist complex in Mala Remeta in Fruska Gora provide guests with opportunity to explore nearby attractions and visit wineries for wine tasting with paired food… Homemade cheese and other original and traditional products can be bought nearby. In the close proximity is the famous excursion spot of Široke ledine, while the Beli kamen Lake is only few kilometers away. The Jazak Monastery and well know water spring is 4 km away, while the Vrdnik-Ravanica Monastery which keeps the parts of the Holy relics of the Holy Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic is 6 km away. The Fruškogorska lugarnica tourist complex in Mala Remeta is surrounded with lush forests of the Fruška gora National Park and the entire surroundings is covered with well-marked hiking trails so guests can take pleasant walks throughout the year, regardless weather conditions.