Free Republic of Liberland Apatin

Free Republic of Liberland Apatin

Do you know that substantive free state exists? Would you include it in your visit ?

The Free Republic of Liberland is area of green forests, blue skies and sandy beaches on the Danube River near Apatin in the north-westernmost part of Serbia-Vojvodina, covering 7,2 sq km, aiming that the new state is to build a free country where honest people can prosper without being oppressed by governments. Generator of this uniquely provocative and challenging project idea, Mr Vit Jedlička believes that the biggest improvement is that in Liberland taxes are voluntary and people are awarded when they pay them. The Liberland team wants to invoke the spirit of American Revolution, and to combine the best elements of the American Republic, Swiss democracy and the meritocracy of Singapore. Aim of Liberland is to create a system where economic values and/or political power is invested into individuals as per their talents, efforts, skills and achievements, instead of their social status.

I want my sons and their whole generation here in Europe and globally to explore space in a private spaceship instead of filling bureaucratic paperwork on earth. At that point I realized it might be easier to start a new country than change an existing one“.

Serbia is happy to recognize the straightened Danube as the new boundary as it received an increase in overall territory. Croatia feels that it has gotten the short end of the bargain and refuses to claim the area now claimed by Liberland because this would validate Serbia’s claim to the territory on the other side of the Danube river.

The Free Republic of Liberland – known simply as „Liberland“ is a sovereign state with its physical territory located between Croatia and Serbia on the west bank of the Danube river. The nearest towns are Zmajevac /Croatia/ and Backi Monostor /Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Serbia/. Since the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, a border dispute has existed between Croatia and Serbia, with both sides presenting conflicting claims to various territories along the banks of the Danube River. However, this area along the west bank of the Danube River has not been claimed by either Croatia, Serbia or any other country and was therefore in state of terra nullius – i.e. no man’s land – until the current leader of the provisional government President Vit Jedlička and the other founders of Liberland laid claim to the territory on 13 April 2015.

Liberland’s goal is to ensure fair representation in the resolution of border issues, inviting legal experts and lawyers in the field of international law who support the claim of statehood to join this idea. Formation of Liberland is based on self-governance of its own people, i.e. its citizens. The country of Liberland was proclaimed with the consent of its parent state of Serbia, which waived its claim to the land. Liberland does not violate the territorial integrity of another country and was not claimed by use of force. With no applicable counterclaim on the land, Liberland’s proclamation of 13 April 2015 is legitimate and in accordance with international law.

Liberland has attracted investors, adventurers, and potential settlers from all over the world. Intention is to harness the people power of Liberland into a global movement for individual liberty. Citizenship Certificates are given to people who dedicated their work to Liberland’s development or donated financially in the value of at least 5000 Liberland merits – LLM.

Liberlanders are a unique group of people who share certain beliefs:

  1. Respect for the rights of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation or religion
  2. Respect for the private property of others, which is untouchable
  3. Belief in a free and open society, and reject all forms of totalitarianism
  4. Opposition to initiating force or violence against others

Liberland diplomatic passports are intended for trustworthy and officially appointed representatives of Liberland. They are not designed to meet all international and security standards. Liberland passports are not intended for general issuance or travel yet, but diplomatic team present them in countries where diplomatic relations have been established.

Every year, since the foundation of Liberland, a huge meet-up along with a conference is held to celebrate the anniversary. This includes a highly pleasurable boat trip of several hours to the shores of Liberland, presenting citizenship and awards, and enjoying the excellent local cuisine and activities. In 2020 the Liberland conference hosted great speakers like US Congressman Tom Garret, Croatian Member of Parliament Ivan Pernar, and the legendary hero of freedom Ron Paul. Pls see the LIBERLAND ANNIVERSARY celebration in 2022

Construction of unique Liberland Resort is planned, which will include sustainable life and free energy supply and will provide visitors and citizens the essential feelings of sweet freedom.

Until this process is completed, visitors of Liberland enjoy relaxed visit to the Arka estate – the popular Apatin excursion spot of Zelena glava which is part of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve – one of the last flooded areas of marshes in EU. The Arka Estate in Apatin contains relaxing amenities for visitors – a lovely lake with kayaks and boats, several bungalows for accommodation, sport terrains, wild and preserved nature and free-walking birds who live here – gooses, ducks, swans and peacocks. This is actually area of the former Danube River course that in time changed after which a dam was constructed to prevent flooding of the powerful river.

Visitors also enjoy in wonderful and wild nature of protected area of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve, and relaxed boat ride – cruising along the Danube River with organized tasty food delivery or preparation of barbecue or kettle directly on the boat, tasting of delicious selected local wines, swimming on sandy beaches, special team building activities, as well as memorable and romantic wedding ceremonies on the water….. Every month the Liberland team organizes one prime week of enjoying the Camp, with different people, topics and lectures, numerous activities, gastronomic events, getting to know the local culture… From there they regularly visit the Liberland and construction of the first settlement, and get involved in thinking and solving problems that arise in such pioneering undertakings.

It is there in Apatin Marina where the highly comfortable boat cruiser – yacht stays, registered for 20 people with more space on platform, and professional and experienced captain and cruise staff at guests’ service. The Danube cruiser yacht – boat contains 2 comfortable separate air-conditioned sleeping rooms-cabins, lovely bathroom with bathtub, large AC living room with extendable sofa bed, dining space, fully equipped kitchen, plenty of refrigerators and coolers. This boat – cruiser on the Danube River also contains a spacious central platform which is favorite guests space – extraordinary suitable for dining in open or romantic event, or various entertainment and activities during the fantastic cruising along the Danube as part of outstandingly relaxed vacations in the Gornje Podunavlje of Danube River area. On the top platform of the yacht, next to the solar panels, there are lazy chairs for relaxed sun bathing with favorite refreshments or other drinks while enjoying the unique quietness of water, fully surrounded with endless wild greenery.

During their stay in Liberland, actually before or after the boat cruising on the Danube, visitors are invited to visit Sombor, its museums and attractions, visit wineries and taste delicious wines with paired food, ride a bike and/or discover various local customs and lifestyle of the nearby Backi Monostor which include colorful festivals, numerous old crafts, interactive workshops and courses – weaving, embroidery, knitting, wood carving, boat construction, fun culinary courses, agriculture works, visit original Ethno – memorial houses and original farm houses – salash…. The feeling of Freedom is unparalleled thus the Liberland should be on the must-visit list of every freedom-loving personalities….