Floating on Morava River

Floating on Morava River




PANACOMP invites you to experience unique moments witnessing the intact nature surrounding Velika Morava River, relaxing in active participation in challenge enriching you with remarkable harmony of cultural and natural highlights of Central Serbia. Experience the real joy of floating over 45 km along the mighty Morava River in the comfortable 15-seater wooden boat operated by friendly hosts from Vojska village in combination with exploration of wonderful Orthodox Monasteries charmingly clustered for more than 6 centuries on the river course. The following Monasteries, as the exclusive tranquil spiritual nests welcome cordially their visitors: Jakovic, Tomic, Zidine, Zlatenac, Dobrsevo and Miljko’s Monastery. During the full-day floating on Morava River, while relaxing on the fresh water, there is delicious organic food prepared in traditional way to revitalize your senses to top condition : home-made corn bread, Serbian beans, cabbage casserole slowly cooked together with meat, vegetables and smoked ham, Serbian “rostilj” /grilled meat/, baked pork and lamb, dishes cooked in ceramic pottery at the river bank, freshly caught fish soup and grilled fish…Those looking for an artistic virtues are invited to take their chance in traditional workshops held in nearby rural households : basket knitting, woodcarving, weaving, embroidery, kneading, culinary competition such are preparing and baking the bread, flavorful “gibanitza” or spectacular “slava’s” cake made of flour from the neighboring 200 years old water mill !!!

Overnight is a special gift also : you can choose from staying in Monastery Dormitory or traditional rural households in rooms with facilities or simply sleep “under the stars” in your tent or genuine chalets at the river bank enjoying the true calm of nature, its invigorating smells and memorable freshness relaxed by spiritual tranquility of nearby monasteries…

Price 80 EUR Minimum 12 participants

Included : transportation from/to Novi Sad/Beograd up to Vojska village, 2 days floating in comfortable boat along Velika Morava for over 45 km, full-board and 2 branches of exquisite traditional Serbian specialties, welcoming drink and refreshment in Monateries, 1 overnight, local logistics services, boat floating premises and operational skilled staff providing relating activities.

Enrollment dead-line: 15 days prior tour

Condition Level needed: basic