Emrovic raj Resort Novi Pazar Banja Spa

Emrovic raj Resort Novi Pazar Banja Spa

The Novi Pazar Banja Spa is located in the Raska county, in Central Serbia, 280 km south of Belgrade, and 3 km away from town of Novi Pazar.

Location of the Novi Pazar Banja Spa, between the slopes of the Rogozna Mountain, and the mountain massifs of the Golija and Kopaonik and Ninaja Mountains, contributes to the uniquely pleasant climate that is suitable for rehabilitation and improvement of health.

The Novi Pazar Banja Spa has 14 thermal mineral springs with the water temperature from 15 to 60 degrees C. Waters of the Novi Pazar Banja Spa features Na, Mg, K, Ca, Fe, No3, So2.

Good location and connection with other parts of Serbia and the neighboring countries, contribute to successful curative effects of various illnesses and diseases – Myopathy, Neuropathy, state after brain stroke, various rheumatism, Spine diseases, state after bone fractures, sport diseases, skin diseases and gynecology illness.

The elevation of the Novi Pazar Banja Spa of 505 meters ranks this spa among the highest in Serbia. Large number of sunny days, small precipitation and windy days, make the climate of Novi Pazar extremely suitable for pleasant vacations and curative treatments, and it is recognized as the spa and curative resort of Serbia.

Surrounded with rich greenery and vast forests, the Novi Pazar Banja Spa makes ideal destination for relaxation and long invigorating walks. Pine and linden trees, decorative evergreen plants make part of the 1000 plants in the spa park, that provide excellent ambiance for pleasant stay here.

The Emrović raj Resort is luxury, brand new tourist facility of high category – 4+ stars in the Novi Pazar Banja Spa, that include comfortable accommodation and various amenities and medical spa treatments, rehabilitation and pleasant stay – restaurants, wellness and spa center, conference hall, sport terrain, children playground, open air garden, spa park…

Accommodation capacity of the Emrovic raj Resort in Novi Pazar Banja Spa is 41 comfortable units, /of which 21 twin rooms with separate beds, 4 triple rooms for maximum 3 persons – king size bed and single bed,  2 superior rooms for maximum 4 persons – king size bed and extendable sofa bed, 6 rooms for maximum 3 persons – king size beds and extendable sofa bed, 8 double rooms with king size beds,  6 Superior apartments for maximum 4 persons with own 17 sq m pool /a bedroom, a living room with sofa bed  + extendable arm chair, bathroom and own pool with spa water, and 6 wooden houses with 2 floors and own 17 sq m pool /bedroom on the first level, a living room, sofa bed + extendable arm chair, bathroom, own pool with spa water/.

Rooms and apartments of the Emrovic raj Resort in Novi Pazar Banja Spa come in size of 20 sq m, 35 sq m, 50 sq m and 73 sq meters and are equipped with amenities for pleasant stay or medical treatment – large king size or separate beds, wall-to-wall carpets, LCD TV with satellite channels, free WiFi, minibar, phone, safe, bathrooms with shower, hair dryer, slippers, bathrobe and toiletries. Furniture is modern, made of wood and of gentle grayish tones that are perfectly adjusted to the wonderful environment.

Apartments are suitable for 4 persons or family stay. Apartments of the Emrovic Resort in Novi Pazar features own pool of 17 sq meters in size, with thermal spa water, set as extension of the bathroom, that fully provide spa retreat and relaxation.

Pleasant interior of apartments is created by natural materials – stone and wood, and is aimed for full enjoyment of guests. The special joy of guests is balcony with chairs that provide full panorama of the Emrovic raj Resort.

Duplex apartments of the Emrović raj Resort in Novi Pazar Banja Spa are separate accommodation units – wooden houses with 2 floors, connected with massive wooden stairs, and best accommodate up to 4 people. Duplex apartments of the Emrović Raj Resort feature own pool with thermal spa water of 17 sq meter, that come as extension of the bathroom.

On the ground floor there are living room, bathroom and a pool, while bedroom is on the first floor. The fire place contribute to the full winter idyll, that heats the whole unit, but also hearts of guests.

Restaurant of the Emrovic raj Resort provides full hedonistic experience to all senses of guests and full their taste, by the rich selection of finest tasty international and traditional food and drinks, that make Novi Pazar widely recognized.  Restaurant is suitable venue for successful organization of various parties and events, as it represents one of the best event space in Serbia by its amenities and quality of service. Wonderful restaurant features 2 summer gardens with fountains built along the highest standards, that make the staff pride and best place to relax with favorite drink during summer days. This is also favorite place for children, as it has children playground.

One can reach the second floor of the Emrovic raj Hotel Resort, where there is the congress hall, entirely isolated from the restaurant and the bar space, with natural light, that provides pleasant and successful work. The Congress hall has 250 seats in theater setting and is air-conditioned, modern, equipped with modern equipment and support – projector, screen, sound system,flip chart.

 Wellness & SPA Center of the Emrović Raj Hotel Resort includes 4 pools of 17 sq meters in size, filled with thermal spa water, suitable for treatments of various diseases and illnesses, but also suitable for guests without any health problems.

Besides the pools, there is the real Turkish bath, that is Near-east option of the steam bath or a sauna ‘relative’. Although first hammam baths origin from Arabia and the bath culture was closely connected with the Roman lifestyle, Turkey made this tradition very popular and is nowadays closely related with it.

Within the Emrovic raj Resort are the remains of the old hammam bath, that are perfectly adjusted to modern amenities. Springs of thermal spa waters are highly famous for their curative effects, and are used in the hammam bath. Mosaics and lights on the ceiling are created to provide enjoyment to eyes, along with pleasures provided to the body, relaxing on the warm and smooth marble boards in the hammam bath.

Four pools are of 17 sq meters in size and filled with spa thermal waters of the following features – Natrium, Calium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfates, Nitrates, Hydro-carbonate, Chlor. Waters also feature dissolved oxides of elements as Aluminum-oxide, Iron, Silicium-dioxide, free Carbonic acids and free Sulfur-oxygen.

The waters of the Novi Pazar Banja Spa by its chemical structure belong to the sulfurous-acid hyper-thermal waters with 1,6 gr of hard structure. Temperature of waters at springs reaches 60 C. The most common advantage of usage of bath is relaxation, that enables full relief of body and soul, that lower the stress and tensions.

The Steam bath also provides muscles with best way of relaxation, especially in the areas of joints. When joints are relaxed, there are less opportunity for some diseases, as is arthritis and other illnesses of joints.

The best effect of sweating is 30% lower amount of toxin in the body. This is simple and practical way or detox, with large level of efficiency. It kills microorganism and protect the immune system, stimulates circulation and accelerate metabolism, so the Steam bath greatly helps in weight loss. Skin becomes highly smooth, resorbed, brilliant and hydrated, that contributes to its elasticity and provides rejuvenated appearance.

The gym of the spa center of the Emrovića raj Resort in Novi Pazar Banja Spa is equipped with the most modern Matric equipment and the Cardio program of Life Fitness latest generation. The gym features 3 belts that are adjustable for climbing, ecliptic, stairs, Cardio machines and bicycles. Experienced and licensed trainers are available for any kind of advise about what is best to train, as well as to suggest the most suitable supplements before, during and after the training.

During their stay at the Emrovića raj Resort in Novi Pazar, besides enjoyment in thermal medical waters and other amenities, guests have at their disposal rich heritage and well-preserved customs of hospitable local population of Novi Pazar and surroundings.

We strongly recommend visit to the numerous cultural and historical sites in the town and vicinity : UNESCO sites of SS Apostles Peter and Paul church, Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery, Sopocani Monastery, Altun Alem Mosque, Ras Museum, Crna Reka Monastery, mountains of Rogozna, Ninaja, Golija and Kopaonik National Park, Pester Plateau, producers of authentic products with geographical origin – sudzuk and other smoked delicacies, cheese, natural honey, natural juices made of wild forest fruits…