Dvori Balsica Hotel Ulcinj

The “Dvori Balsica” is 3+ stars comfortable historical apart-hotel in Ulcinj, located on the top level of the southern plateau of the remarkable fortified old town of Ulcinj in southernmost part of Montenegro. The town of Ulcinj is among the oldest towns of the Adriatic, which enjoys magnificent panorama of the breathtaking open Adriatic sea that fully surrounds the Medieval fortress, overlooking a perfect half-moon bay. Rooms and apartments of the Dvori Balsica Hotel in Ulcinj are spacious and nicely appointed with wooden furniture, and contain a bedroom, spacious living room, kitchenette, comfortable bathroom with hair dryer and phenomenal ocean views.

Ulcinj is the most interesting town of the south-east shore of the Adriatic, the place which fruitfully combines the three religions, and the cultures of the Mediterranean, the European West and the Orient. In the monumental old town of Ulcinj there are numerous well preserved sites and architecture of the settlement founded in the 5th century BC, with rich heritage of large civilizations that ruled this city that attract visitors keen to discover such amazing places of the Adriatic – remains of the Roman sites and villas, the Clock tower, the hammam /Turkish bath/, palaces, churches and mosques….. Renovated and fully adopted to visitations, the old town of Ulcinj becomes well known to lovers of the good style, all incorporated into the ancient stone architecture and character, which dominates the whole area and echoes the last members of the Balšić Family, the powerful rulers from the Shkoder area, whose seat was in Ulcinj at the end of the 14th and the beginning of the 15th century. Ottomans restored the Ulcinj fortress and added the third level and the round citadel in the main level. The narrow cobblestone alleys full of excellent restaurants and bars lead to the top of the old town of Ulcinj and the Dvori Balsica Hotel, which rewards its visitors with memorable views and high quality of hospitality and service.

Beside the comfortable accommodation of the Dvori Balsica Hotel in Ulcinj, that is ranked the comfortable 3 stars facility, guests can enjoy in Restaurant and the Wine hall that add to the full experiences with their varied offer. The “Dvori Balsica” Hotel in Ulcinj is open during all year, and thanks to its long tradition represents attractive place for vacation for individual visitors and groups, various celebrations, Gala dinners, Weddings, Conferences and training and Business meetings. The Dvori Balsica Hotel in Ulcinj is easy to get to from popular Dubrovnik tourist center in Croatia or taxi ride from Shkodra, Albania.