Drenova Fir National Park

Located 10 km from the city of Korca, the Drenova fir Park covers an area of 1,380 hectares. National Park of Drenova lies in the Morava Mountain Range and features many attractive points, including Bozdoveci, Guri i Capit, Cardhaku,  rich in beech, hazelnut trees and black pine trees. Drenova National Park is visited by locals as well as tourists, thanks to its pure nature and extraordinary fresh mountain air which provides number of outdoor activities and enjoyment in natural environment – hiking, mountaineering, nature exploration…. Drenova National Park is abundant in number of drinking water sources such as Shen Gjergji, Plaka, Pllica and others. A very rich fauna life exists in the Drenova National Park where you can find the Bozdovec Bear, a rare Albanian species.