Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijevic and Zapis Music Group

Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijevic and Zapis Music Group

Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijević is Serbian artist, painter and singer of the Medieval, Byzantine Orthodox spiritual music and archaic traditional music of Serbia. In 1967 Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijević graduated and accomplished the master degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. His art is devoted exclusively to the icon-painting style inspired by the old Byzantine and Serb fresco-painting. Besides painting Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijević is engaged in chanting and singing of the old traditional music of Serbia and the Balkans. Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijević has greatly contributed to preservation of the Byzantine and Medieval music recording and was prized with numerous awards and recognition for his artistic work in national and international level.

Pavle Aksentijević leads the Zapis Music Group which performs on authentic Balkans instruments. Repertoire of Zapis Music Group is created along the melographic records from areas of East and South Serbia and Kosovo and Metohija. The solo singing of Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijevic features warm and graceful voice with a bright and uniquely strong expressions, capable of executing difficult and sensitive passages and gaining extraordinary enlighten emotions of audience. Besides Pavle Dragoslav Aksentijević who is vocal tenor singer, the Zapis Music Group make outstanding musicians – Dragoslav’s sons Rastko and Damnjan, Miloš Nikolić and Bojan Ivković. Rastko Aksentijević plays string instruments tambourine and tamburitsa, Bojan Ivković plays percussion – tapan, tarabuka, šuške, daire, bendir and jug /ćup/, Miloš Nikolić plays on traditional Balkan wind instruments – kaval, flute and duduk, while Damnjan Aksentijević plays string instruments – bas-tambourine and tambourine. All members of Zapis Music Group are fulfilled with emotion that generates a tear, while they fully dedicate themselves to singing, as it is their final singing, and as long as their singing returns us to the time before memory.

We are always more than excited to arrange memorable performances and blessing concerts of Dragoslav Pavle Aksentijevic and his Zapis Music Group for our groups keen to discover rich spiritual and cultural heritage of Serbia !

Pavle Aksentijevic and Zapis Group chanting

Goro le, goro zelena

Ozdol ide mlada moma

Preletese ptice lastavice

Starino, Stara Planino

Podunuse sabazorski vetrovi