Donji Milanovac apartment 108

Donji Milanovac apartment 108

Donji Milanovac private apartment to rent – PANACOMP property 108

House for rent with a cozy apartment is located in the center of Donji Milanovac, in the area which provides outstanding panorama over the town and the Danube River, as the town is set in one of the most scenic sections of the Danube River Gorge. Accommodation is provided in comfortable and modern 3 stars apartment of 70 sq meters in size, with 4 beds in 2 double bedrooms with shared bathroom, and accommodation option for additional 2 persons in the living room which is also used as a kitchen. This comfortable private accommodation in Donji Milanovac features comfortable beds and traditional wooden furniture, fully equipped kitchen, laundry washing machine with drying and ironing option, dish washer, TV, refrigerator, AC, WiFi, and two terrace – one before entrance to the apartment, with built in barbecue place and sitting area, surrounded with greenery and flowers and the other terrace in the back yard, where fire can be put or simply enjoy in sounds and benefits of the nature. All amenities are adjusted to provide visitors’ enjoyment in outdoor dining. The garden full of greenery surrounds the traditional house and features a space for barbecue – rostilj or relaxed outdoor enjoyment. This cozy private accommodation in Donji Milanovac, besides various opportunities for active vacations in intact environment of the surrounding Djerdap National Park is suitable for preparation of conserves or organic fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. The private accommodation is also ideal for guests traveling with pets since it has a specially arranged space for dogs, so all who want to spend their vacations in Donji Milanovac together with their pets – are welcome.

Special advantage for visitors staying in this private accommodation in Donji Milanovac make one-, two and three-days cruising along the Danube with covered boat registered for up to 10 persons, through the gorgeous Danube Iron Gate Gorge, the Small and the Great Basin and the Djerdap National Park, passing by the Tabula Traiana – Trajan Plaque, the Lepenski Vir Archaeological site, the Mraconia Monastery and the sculpture of the Dacian King Decebel carved high in the cliff above the river – on the Romanian side of the Danube, or mountaineering and hiking tours guided by rangers and professional hiking guide, fishing or outdoor picnic or memorable wine tasting.

Places of interest : Rajko’s Pecina Cave, Lepenski Vir Archaeological site, Djerdap National Park, Veliki and Mali Kazan of the Iron Gate Gorge /Great and Small Basin/, “Hajducka vodenica” natural oasis and observation point, Golubac Fortress, Vratna Canyon, Danube Iron Gate canyons, Miroc Mountain, Blederija Waterfalls…

Activities : Picnic, Boating, Angling, Fishing, Swimming, Hiking in protected nature territories of “Djerdap” National Park, Bird watching, Mushroom and berry picking, Water sports, Summer sports, Winter sports, Trekking, Bicycling, Study excursions, Holes visiting, Rock climbing, Sheep-sheering, Gold-mining, Hunting…