Domakinska Kuka Boarding House Vevcani

Domakinska Kuka Pension Vevcani

Domakinska Kuka Boarding House and Restaurant promotes the historical and cultural heritage of the picturesque Vevčani village, situated at the foot of gorgeous Jablanica Mountain, at the altitude of 930 meters, 14 km away from Ohrid Lake. The sound of Vevcani waters can be heard running through channels throughout the village that evokes echo of the old times. Water comes from the famous Vevcani Springs which have a water flow of between 400-4000 liters per second. Old water mills still grind corn, wheat and other grains as they have for centuries. Walk through the rich chestnut tree forest, climb up to the village of Gorna Belica or the glacial lakes of Jablanica Mountain make stay in magical Vevcani village truly fantastic. This wonderfully restored 19th century house is one of the original features of its indescribably hospitable hosts who produce their delicious homemade wines and food. The Pension of Domakinska Kuka in Vevcani has retained its original structure and been kitted out with authentic fixtures and furnishings. Domakinska Kuka Pension has 5 nice and comfortable rooms with bathrooms, air-conditioning, cable TV and Internet. At the Domakinska Kuka Boarding House and Restaurant guests enjoy tasty Macedonian cuisine in the large dining hall with 120 seats and outdoor terrace with fountain accommodation 120 guests. The house in Vevcani contains authentic wine cellar, where wines of the house are kept in large barrows, since Domakinska Kuka Pension and Restaurant owns a vineyard and produces its own delicious wines and superb grape brandy. Various folklore performances accompanied with music played on traditional instruments and presentation of local handcrafts and handwork are organized for guests visiting this charming place, enabling them to taste all the flavors and spirits of Vevcani.

Positioned in the picturesque village of Vevcani, the Domakinska Kuka pension’s restaurant uses the advantage of the completely unpolluted soil around the village to grow and produce organic vegetables and fruits. During their stay in Domakinska Kuka Pension, guests will see up close the support being extended to the continued preservation of the regions traditional structures, cuisine and rituals and beautiful panorama of the Struga Valley and the magnificent Ohrid Lake. Domakinska Kuka Pension and Restaurant in Vevčani village surely makes tour to Macedonia memorable.

Places to see : magic Vevcani Springs, preserved traditional architecture, green market, Birth-house of parents of Mihajlo Pupin – famous Serbian physicist, inventor and physical chemist, Cave Church in Radozda village, remains of the Via Egnatia ancient Roman road….