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Dobra village Djerdap – rural household 124

Dobra village rural tourism of Djerdap Iron Gate – PANACOMP rural household 124

The tiny and tranquil village of Dobra is situated within the Djerdap National Park, on the Danube river shore, 160 km east of Belgrade. The village of Dobra itself is known for legends about how it got its name and the place known as fishermen paradise for suitable fishing and hunting terrains as well as by intact nature you must discover. Several events are held in Dobra village among them the famous “Wolf chase” that attracts hunters and nature-lovers held every February. Also every year the Sailing Regatta gathers hundreds of skippers from Serbia and all over the world. There is the Ethnographic exhibition in Dobra village where authentic tools and issues from the Eastern Serbia are exposed. Only 20 km from the village of Dobra heading to Golubac there is the old Golubac Fortification, famous Golubac Fortress visited by many tourist every day.
Taking the road from Dobra to Donji Milanovac you get to the famous archaeological site of Lepenski Vir that attracts numerous researchers keen to meet this gorgeous region through knowing its history. The waterfronts of Danube River are rich in beaches ideal for recreation and relaxation. Dobra village has finished the entire village infrastructure, paved streets and four bridges over tide Dobranska River with beautiful alley of trees along the park, the cinema, post-office, the ambulance, the elementary school, motel, restaurant and three shops for dairy products and fresh vegetables and fruits. Dobra village also enables excellent facilities in private accommodation for living and recovery of elder people.
Cvetkovic Family apartments are located in the brand new house, on the vast property starting from the main road from Golubac to Donji Milanovac and spreading along beautiful green grassy garden directly to the very Danube shore. There are four nicely appointed and clean double rooms with facilities to rent. The spacious dinning room with terraces, enabling magic view to the Danube River are available to guests of this accommodation. Special fun and joy for guests staying here is preparation of fish-soup from freshly caught fish and grilling it in the open fire place in the garden of the house, or other homemade food prepared of locally grown and own produces and fresh supplies by diligent hosts. Our cyclists from all over the world who cycle along the Danube specially enjoy staying in this pleasant village and apartments. It is sure that those who come here to spend tranquil vacations for first time, always come again….