Doboj Rural Tourism

The Vozuća or Vozućica Monastery is monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church which belongs to the Dabro-bosanska Dioceze, dedicated to Saint Trinity, located some 90 km south of Doboj and some 55 km southwest of Tuzla. The Vozuca Monastery is set in the village of Vozuća, in the valley of Krivaja River, at the foot of Ozren Mountain. The Vozuća Monastery was built in the 14th century as the endowment of the Serbian King Stefan Dragutin. The Vozućica Monastery was victim during all wars waged in this area. During the First World War the Austrian soldiers took away the monastic bell, and in September 1941 Ustashas plundered it, to experience big fire set by the Muslim militia. The Vozuća Monastery was reconstructed after the Second World War. In the period from 1992 till the 10th September 1995 this area was within the Republika Srpska entity. After the 10th September 1995 the Vozuća Monastery was destroyed and desecrated by the so-called Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina when the local population was expelled. The newly appointed priest of the Vozuca Monastery, Zoran Živković arrived to the monastery in 2000 and found it in pitiful conditions with two non-exploded tromblone mines in the dome. After reconstruction the Vozuća Monastery was consecrated on the 25th June 2015, eversince regular services are held, while numerous donors supported maintainance and painting of the interior by frescoes.