Divcibare Castle Hotel Divcibare

Divcibarski zamak – Divcibare Castle Hotel Divcibare

Divcibare Castle is comfortable 4 stars Divcibare facility located in the lush pine forest, across the ski slope of Divcibare Plateau on Maljen Mountain, in the central part of the famous tourist center of the north-west Serbia, which is about 110 km away from Belgrade and about 180 km away from Novi Sad.

Divčibare means the mountainous plateau of extraordinary beauties, at the elevation of 980 – 1050 meters, which comprises Crni Vrh, Paljba, Golubac and Veliko Brdo peaks.

Divcibare resort and mountainous tourist center of Serbia is located in the central part of Maljen Mountain, 38 km south-east of Valjevo and 110 km south-west of Belgrade. Mountainous peak of Divcibare forms a wide shelter but as well provides exceptional view, not only to the surrounding peaks of Maljen Mountain, but also towards the distant mountains of Southwest Serbia.

Valjevo mountains of Maljen, Medvednik, Jablanik and Povlen belong to mountains rich in ores, being the part of the Dinaric Mountain system of the Balkans and the northwestern mountains of Serbia.

In regard with its geographic location, natural characteristics and wholesomeness for curing respiratory system and the blood pressure diseases, thanks to the blend of air-sea, moderate Carpathian and Panonian climates, and the average elevation of 1000 meters, Divčibare tourist center is excellent destination for enjoyment throughout year, invigorating vacations or successful event.

Divčibare Castle is cute, comfortable and pleasant facility which boasts accommodation capacity of 6 nicely appointed and modern rooms and 2 studio apartments with total of 25 beds.

Rooms are double and triple, with french-king beds and separate beds with the following structure : a king-bed with separate bed, king-bed, two separate beds and a chair-bed, two separate beds, a king-bed and two- seater and a chair-bed in the suite, king-bed and chair- bed and a king-bed. Studio apartments are very spacious and comfortable with 5 or 6 beds.

Each room has Satellite TV, DVD, phone, Internet, fridge, air-conditioning, hydro-massage cab, kitchen and balcony overlooking the opulent pine forests. Very pleasant restaurant of Divcibare Castle has unique inside garden which is entirely set of windows, from where spreads magnificent panorama of Divcibare natural beauties. Since recently there is the quad ride along Divcibare Mountain organized, accompanied with professional instructors.

Quad Ride includes 1,5 hour sightseeing of Divcibare or tough Ride to the highest and most inaccessible parts of Divcibare region. Quad ride along Divcibare Mountain provides exceptional experience and the new dimension of getting close to the gorgeous nature of Divcibare Mountain and its famous mountainous peaks and sites.