Dida Hornjak Salas Farm House Sombor rural tourism 082

Dida Hornjak Salas Farm House Sombor rural tourism 082

Sombor is beautiful green baroque town situated in north-west part of Bačka in Vojvodina Province, 175 km north of Belgrade. Sombor is a town of true historical importance in the Vojvodina region with numerous monuments which testify on its rich heritage. In the thirties of the 18th century, after withdrawal of the Turks from the Backa area and beginning of merging of the Bodrog and Backa districts, the County Parliament sessions were held in Sombor. In 1786 Sombor was declared the administrative center of the Bačka-Bodrog district. Sombor is known as the greenest city in Serbia and by its amazing Baroque architecture which can be seen when touring the northern part of Serbia.

“Dida Hornjak salaš” is part of the Association of traditional Farm lovers from Sombor, established with the aim of gathering all who love and respect salashes – traditional farm houses of Vojvodina, and is involved in preservation of traditional farmstead architecture and cultural inheritance of this region of the vast Backa plain, colorful lifestyle of the Bunjevci ethnic minority of Vojvodina, and all other nationalities who used to and live in the traditional salas-farm houses and salas-farm settlements in Vojvodina.

More than a century this farmstead in Sombor is owned by the Hornjak Family. Aranka Hornjak Mijić successfully renovated the family-owned, hundred years old traditional farm of Vojvodina – salash and opened it for tourists in 2009. Dida Hornjak salaš farm in Sombor consists of the originally preserved structures furnished and appointed in typical Bunjevci population style, farm with domestic animals /pigs, sheep, chicken, ducks, gooses, fowls, cats, dogs/, atelier of old and artistic crafts (of selling character), children workshops, interactive workshops (glass painting, fabric painting, making souvenirs of straw and cornstalks), restaurant that can accommodate 100 people for various parties and meetings of this size. Accommodation at the Dida Hornjak Salas Traditional Farm House is provided in few traditionally furnished and nicely arranged rooms of the “Vojvodina charm” with numerous authentic details (1 apartment with an extra room and 2 beds, 1 single and 1 double room with facilities).

Visitors of Dida Hornjak Salas Farm in Sombor can enjoy the true salash – farm breakfast or other tasty Vojvodina meal, organized tour of Sombor, Festive Salash-farm lunch, old crafts artistic and culinary workshops, folklore performances and classes, tamburitza band entertainment and performances, carriage ride, exploration of the ethnographic exhibition, watching and feeding domestic animals and other pleasant and authentic salas-farm rural experiences. This pleasant rural household in Sombor is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside, and the special tourist products of our travel agency – the Serbian Slava Celebration, Serbian and Bunjevci Wedding Parties !!!!

This pleasant farm of the Vojvodina style is located at the outskirts of Sombor (1,5 km away from the center), 3 km away from JUG 3 road, nearby the road to Gradina farm settlement. The efforts and great dedication of the Hornjak family to incorporate this pearl of Vojvodina rural architecture into the offer of the village tourism is resulting in more and more guests coming every year. The Dida Hornjak Salas Farm in Sombor provides comfortable accommodation and interesting activities that best describe the authentic lifestyle of the Bunjevci ethnic group of the plain Backa area of Vojvodina. Hosts of the Dida Hornjak Traditional farm house speak English and German and are always at disposal to provide pleasant and memorable stay to their guests.

Activities : walking along tranquil Vojvodina plain, art and culinary and old-crafts workshops, carriage ride, cycling…

Nearby interesting places: Sombor City Museum – with impressive collection of coins, National theater in Sombor dating from 18-th century, the unique Županija structure from 1808 – with impressive painting of the Battle of Senta of 4 x 7 meters in size and some 200 rooms and units and 418.267 forints paid for the reconstruction, the Carmelite Church, the Serbian Library – Srpska čitaonica, The “Milan Konjović” Gallery, the Saint archdeacon Steven – Sveti Arhiđakon Stevan Monastery….