Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve

Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve

Deliblato sands Area – “Deliblatska Pescara” is the Special Nature Reserve located in southern part of Banat, 50 km from Belgrade, 40 km from Romania border between the Danube river and the western Carpathian slopes. The Deliblato Sands is a Geo-morphological formation of eolian origin of exceptional specific beauty and multiple scientific importance, created during the Ice age by wast quantities of eolian silicate and carbonate sands. Deliblato Sands is of diluvial origin and makes the largest European continental sands area. Deliblato Sands Nature Reserve is the largest oasis of sand, steppe, forest and wetland vegetation on the Pannonian Plain, known in the Middle Ages as the Maxon Field or desert – Campus Maxons or Campus de Maxond.

Sand that spread all over the vast Pannonian Plain caused great problems in the past. Eastern and south-eastern parts of the Banat area, through which spread the Banat Mountains with highest peaks over 1400 meters altitude, and slopes of the southern Carpathians and Hateg Mountains on the border with Transylvania, featuring peaks over 2500 meters, were in the Middle Ages entirely covered with dense forests. Deliberate planting of numerous trees began during the reign of Queen Maria Theresa that contributed to rich vegetation in present time. Deliblato Sands covers the total size of 33.610 hectares. This wide and unique European natural phenomenon is characterized mostly by ellipsoid-shaped sand masses up to 15 km in length. There individual sand dunes reach length of 750 meters and heights near 60 meters. Deliblato sands area is the only sandy terrain in Europe originated from the Panonian Sea withdrawals 35 km long and wide 9-12 kilometers. Due to its marvelous forest and unspoiled surroundings, it was proclaimed to be the Special Nature Reserve. Deliblato Sands Area attract nature-lovers, Eco researches, fishermen and hunters. Within the borders of The Special Nature Reservation of Deliblato Sands there are 2 strict and 16 genetic reserves and 6 natural monuments. Due to specific natural and climatic conditions, although it is at the altitude of only 200 m, Deliblato sands has a climate similar to the mountain. Deliblatska peščara is poorly populated, with few villages, mostly on the outskirts of the reserve.

Deliblato Sands Area is known as “The European Sahara”. It is natural habitat of numerous herbs and animal species, specially rare birds and game. The “Girl’s well”/Devojacki Bunar/ is the air spa and the tourist resort that stands out by its beauty within The Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve. Deliblato Sands Area is on UNESCO tentative list of Protected Natural Heritage.

The Čardak School-recreation Center is set in the central part of the Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve, fully surrounded with pine forest, only 7 km away from the village of Deliblato. Protected nature, lush forests and vast meadows make the Cardar Center excellent destination for invigorating relaxation in nature, with possibility for various educations, recreation and enjoyment. The Čardak complex in Deliblato Sands is primarily aimed for receiving children pupils and sport groups, but it is also suitable for organization of adventurous and attractive team building programs. The Čardak Center in Deliblato Sands includes the main building, accommodation facilities and restaurant with 400 seats, where classical dishes are served. Accommodation facilities of Nera and Brzava boast of 130 beds in multi-bed rooms with usage of common bathrooms. Structures and open sport terrains for football, handball, volley ball, basket ball and Eco gym in open are extremely suitable for children camps, sport teams exercise and families keen to spend vacations in nature. The surroundings of the Čardaka Center in Deliblato Sands is excellent destination for active relaxation and hiking-walking tours along several hiking trails, of various lengths and intensity, with escort of experienced rangers.

Bela Crkva and Deliblato Sands Team Building