Daiti National Park

Located to the east of Tirana, Dajti National Park covers 29,384 hectares of a mountain massif with the highest peak of 1613 meters. Dajti National Park is 50 km away from the Tirana international airport and 26 km from the town of Tirana, accessible both by roads and gondola lift – cable car, which offers magnificent view over Tirana and its surroundings. The Dajti Ekspress – Cable car is 4670 meters long and features altitude difference of 812 meters and an average inclination of 19%. The Dajti Espress takes you from the Tirana city up to the Dajti mountain in less than 15 minutes.

The Dajti National Park has a number of 200 year old beech and oak trees that are really worth visiting. The Dajti National Park is habitat of mountain eagles and sparrow hawks, as well as of gray bears and wolves and numerous fish species and vertebrates. Dajti National Park is frequented by daily visitors and it is considered Tirana’s “natural balcony” with numerous hotel and accommodation facilities. A visit to the Dajti National Park is a great way to spend active day in an attractive mountainous landscape outside and literally ‘above’ the city.