Countryside Balkans

A visit to the inland areas of the Balkans would not be complete without a peaceful night’s rest in one of the many authentic country cottages and colorful rural households scattered throughout the region. Rural accommodation of the Balkans or countryside tourism in Balkan countries is becoming increasingly popular not only for the short weekend trips, but also for longer holidays as true retreats in intact nature, far away from the buzzing life of today. Big cities face a pressing challenge – how to provide economic prosperity and social cohesion while achieving environmental sustainability? We are proud that we put our hearts back into villages, providing our customers opportunity to experience the local pastoral traditions of the colorful Balkans, which evoke the sense of particular times and reflect old flavors, smells and tastes, where prevail values that really matter. Rural tourism of the Balkans we arrange is real pride business of our travel agency, as it is exclusively organized in and thus supports authentic households, mountain and rural families and home-stays whose hosts are exceptionally hospitable and cherish the customs of the old Balkans traditions and amazing folklore. Rural accommodation in Balkan countryside we provide is based on unique experiences of our clients and is usually organized in rural touristic households of remote villages and picturesque hamlets counting sometimes only 50 to several hundred inhabitants.
The rural accommodation available to visitors in the occasionally spectacular landscapes of the Balkans offers everything from a peaceful farmstead by the side of gorgeous lake and/or lush forest where you will be left in peace to the inspiring countryside living, sports activities and the chance to get excited with locals and the rich culture heritage, so to experience rebirth of your creative energy. Plenty of superb homemade food, prepared of fresh and simple local ingredients and excellent options for discovering challenges of true lifestyle, outstanding nature and well-preserved old customs are available to guests of the Balkans countryside, that provide tranquility through seclusion and accessibility to a number of cultural attractions and specific activities.

We work closely with local tourist organizations and precious rural-related associations, and eco-cultural-folklore societies who cherish and promote traditions, customs, ancient music and folk heritage, old crafts and handwork, and with the majority of the genuine rural suppliers in the Balkans countryside, committed to improving standards and expanding existing programs to better suit the needs of tourist consumers. All subjects /consumers, hosts and tourism industry/ benefit from amazing Balkans countryside opportunities by enjoying together in sharing various cultural and social authenticity in order to unite more effectively on the national and international levels. Rural households in the Balkans we book are typically run by small families, specialized in mostly organic agriculture, who take good care of their guests, local communities and environment. What makes the rural vacations in the Balkans really special are dedicated rural hosts and locals who are extremely passionate to make your stay unforgettable : they will ask your help in seasonal works, inspire you milk a cow or sheep and harvest grapes, teach you traditional folk dances, preparation of famous kulen /hot sausage/ or other traditional meals from simple and fresh ingredients, collecting hay by hands with wooden hay-forks or to wash a pot after cooking the Balkan favorite ayvar /relish prepared from peppers/ or delicious apricot or plum jam, or other tasty fruits from their gardens!
The final aim of our professional efforts is to provide rural households of the Balkans conditions to improve their standards and life quality, and to enable our guests to enjoy in diversified countryside, its beneficial influences and exciting experiences ! One of those development steps we constantly take is creation of the Dictionary for Rural Households of Serbia, obtained from our fruitful and transparent partnership with the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor Uzice.
So, we encourage you to leave your tablets and e-readers at home and use this site to book your next trip in one of the authentic rural households of the Balkans.
…”The only sustainable path for humanity is in the recovery and refinement of traditional community life.” dr. Roberts J. Rosenthal, professor of Philosophy, Hanover College


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