Comsar Hotel Rudo


Newly built and modern 4 stars business Comsar Hotel in Rudo, is located in the very center of the small historic town of Rudo which dates from 1555, on the crossroad on important roads connecting Visegrad and Sarajevo and Visegrad with Priboj – in Serbia, and provides excellent conditions for vacations, business meetings and other activities in Rudo. The Comsar Hotel in Rudo is surrounded with uniquely beautiful nature which assures its visitors peace, serenity and feeling as at home. The modern design of the Comsar facility of its accommodation and accompanying amenities gains the extravagance sense, comfort and pleasure of international visitors.
Accommodation of the Comsar Hotel in Rudo is provided in 26 comfortable, contemporary designed rooms and 3 suites. Comfortable standard single and double rooms with king size beds of the Comsar Hotel Rudo are furnished in modern style, air conditioned and adjusted to expectations and demands of both business people and tourists. Rooms of the Comsar Hotel in Rudo are equipped with furniture of warm colors, linen of the finest fabrics and high quality of toiletries. Visitors of the Comsar Hotel in Rudo are provided with 24 hours Internet, phone with direct line, working table, mini bar, in-room safe, room service, laundry and ironing services, parking.
Modern and contemporary Wellness Center of the Comsar hotel Rudo features intimate characteristics, with amenities that enhance life in harmony with nature and are based on natural materials. To all hotel guests and visitors of the Wellness center who care about the health life, there are spa amenities at disposal : Steam bath, Finnish sauna, Hydro-massage bath, Tepidarium, various massage options and gym with cardio equipment.
Restaurant of the Comsar hotel in Rudo hosts 150 people and offers rich choice of carefully selected national and international specialties, with large offer of wines and beverages, that undoubtedly satisfy senses of various profiles of visitors, and make their stay in Rudo a memorable experience. The Comsar hotel in Rudo makes a premium venue for successful organization of seminars, workshops, business meetings and cocktail parties, and other events which deserve high quality of services. The congress room of the Comsar hotel accommodates 150 visitors, and is fully technically equipped for various events.
Rudo Municipality is located in the eastern part of Republika Srpska, in proximity of tourist centers of Zlatibor, Mokra Gora and Sargan Eight train, and the traditional settlement of Emir Kusturica. Some 20 km away from Rudo is Višegrad, which features reconstructed narrow-gauge railway, the Old Bridge of Mehmed Pasha Sokolovic and the Kamengrad – Stone town. Nearby is the Tara River which provides excellent rafting conditions, Foca with the Sutjeska National Park, Rogatica with the natural treasure of Borike, Goražde where rafting is organized on Drina River. The town of Rudo itself is situated in the hilly-mountainous area of the lower course of the Lim River, 20 km towards its confluence with the Drina River, at the average elevation of 400 meters. The Lim River course provides exceptional conditions for rafting and kayaking. The International Lim Biathlon Priboj – Rudo – Setihovo includes the Lim Regatta of 33 km and cycling race along the same route. It is held every year in August and attracts large number of bikers and water adventurers. The Strgačina Lake is by its natural characteristics a true paradise for eyes, and place where nature lovers come to enjoy in blessings of the intact nature. The Water Train is also an unique tourist attraction, which flows along the rivers of Drina and Lim, following the route of the former railway and cherishing the memory of a semi-steam train of Ćiro. The semi-steam train used to connect the southeast Bosnia with the rest of Yugoslavia by the narrow gauge, since its establishment until the end of the seventies of the 20th century. The Ćiro train formed an important connection of the economic growth of this area and was the most suitable means of transportation of that time. The special phenomenon is the Krupica river, which is considered the shortest river of Europe, as its length is only 400 meters, from the source to the confluence with the Lim River. Waters of the Krupica river is extremely pure and features constant temperature of 14 C throughout the year.

Town of Rudo is located close to the Sokolovo village, the birth place of the famous Mehmed Paša Sokolović. He was born by the parents of the Orthodox Family. At that time there was a Divshirme custom performed, which was a “Blood tribute”, when the Serb children were forcibly taken to Turkey, converted to Islam and trained for Janissary – the elite soldiers of the Ottoman Empire. So was taken as a child Bajica Sokolović, when he got the name Mehmed. He gifted the town of Visegrad one of the most beautiful monuments of culture, the Old Bridge over the Drina river. Close from the famous Visegrad Old Bridge is situated the Andricgrad, the reconstruction of the stone Medieval settlement, inspired by novels of the Nobel Prize writer Ivo Andric. The Andrićgrad is center of numerous culture events which year by year attracts more visitors from far and wide. Rudo is also well known historical place where during the Second WW, on the 22 December 1941 was the First Brigade of the National-Liberation Movement founded. In the Rudo Municipality there is the Monument of the First Proletarian National Liberation Brigade, located at the Liberty Square, as well as the Partisan Grave, commemorating the solders killed in the Second World War.
Close to Rudo there is the Dobrun Monastery, which houses frescoes of Tzar Dushan and his wife Helena and son Uros. The monastic complex of the Dobruna makes the most beautiful station of the reconstructed narrow-gauge railway connecting Višegrad and Vardište, which further continues to the famous Sargan Eight train in Serbia. In Rudo there were some 300 stecaks tombstones found, of which two feature inscriptions, and lay in the nearby village of Strgačina. Those Medieval tombstones in the form of large stone slabs with inscribed decoration and inscriptions make a vivid traces of history, which provide significance of this area and attract visitors keen to gain new experiences and discover legends and adventure.