Cikic Rural Tourist Household Zasavica village

There are many reasons for spending your next vacations or weekend in the tourist rural household of Cikic Family, besides the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve, some 10 km away from Macvanska and Sremska Mitrovica, 90 km away – east of Belgrade and 67 km south of Novi Sad. The first neighbors of the Cikic Rural touist household in Zasavica village are autochthonous bird, plant and animal species as curly Mangulitsa pigs, Podolian Cow, donkeys, but also a colony of beavers that here create dams in the intact nature. The rural tourist  household of Cikic Family is se between the rivers of Sava and Drava, in the fertile Macva area, and makes unique blend of nature, excellent tastes and hospitality, that /guests say/ is maybe found only in New Zealand….

The Cikic rural tourist household in Zasavica village provides original and comfortable accommodation in nicely appointed house of diligent hosts, with services of bed and breakfast, half board and full board. In the vast yard full of greenery and flowers there is the summer porch with wooden benches and lazy chairs. There is also open kitchen next to the smoke house where guests may themselves  prepare food, pickled salads, natural juices and jams, or make-prepare rakija /brandy/ or dance kolo along the tones of the local orchestra /including accordion/. Naturally, if guests leave the food preparation to their hosts, they can relax and fully enjoy in smells and taste of homemade pies, cheese crescent rolls, smoked sausage and bacon, pumpkin soup, goulash, roasted piglet, various salads… and other original specialties of Srem district, prepared in traditional way from locally grown ingredients. For real bohemians and lovers of the lowland lifestyle and good wine, there are options for parties and celebrations….

Besides relaxation, easy walks, nature exploration, bird watching, fishing, during their stay in the Cikic rural tourist household in Zasavica village guests are warmly recommend to explore the nearby attractions: the Zasavica Special Nature Reserve with related activities as boat ride, introduction, tasting and buying of authentic products, visit to the Imperial Palace of Sirmirum – the former capital of the Roman Empire, the Srem Museum, the famous Medieval monasteries of Fruska Gora….