Cigota Special Hospital Zlatibor

Cigota Special Hospital Zlatibor

The Cigota Special Hospital is situated in south-west Serbia, about 240 km south of Belgrade, at an ideal 1000 meters altitude, in the very heart of the Zlatibor Mountain. Cigota Special Hospital is surrounded by thick pine forests and fragrant meadows which provide premium conditions for outdoor enduring walks and physical activities. The Cigota Institute in Zlatibor Mt – which is the most famous mountainous tourist resort of Serbia, is one of its kind in the Balkans, being specialized in treatment of thyroid disorders, whose results are, thanks to its location, incomparably supreme than a classic medication treatment. The Cigota Special Hospital offers a wide range of services in the fields of endocrinology, nuclear and physical medicine, after an introductory clinical analysis of body composition. Cigota Special Hospital Institute owes its first-rate reputation to excellent results obtained in the treatment of obesity and in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of obesity in children and adolescents, as well as Thyroid gland disorders diagnosis and treatments, Cardiovascular diseases diagnosis and treatment, Osteoporosis diagnosis, Osteoarticular system complication diagnosis and treatments. Prepared by the multidisciplinary team of experts, the Cigotica program involves education and rehabilitation related to diet, nutrition, interactive physical support and treatment of obese children and adolescents amidst the pure natural environment.

Statistics on patients who practiced the Cigota program show amazing results and patients who often return testify about multiple benefits they experience : from 01 March till the 01 April 2014 there were 91 patients on the Cigota program, of which 25 male and 66 female, from 20 to over 50 years of age. The average weight loss was 6,11 kg for male patients and 3,21 kg for female patients. The record of weight loss was 14,50 kg for male patients and 8,70 kg for female loss. The most tremendous and remarkable record in weight loss was gained by a young male /29 years/ who in 30 days of the Cigota program lost 104 kg !  The Cigota program managed to achieve its goal : decreasing dangerous health consequences of obesity by the healthy weight loss treatments and risen awareness of implementation of healthy lifestyle that significantly contribute to the health improvement !

The intention of foundation the Special Hospital in Zlatibor Mountain dates from the end of the 19th century, which was completed in the second half of the 20th century. The location of Zlatibor Mountain was chosen along the expert analysis of the team of specialists – doctors, climatologists and architects. Medical results of Cigota Special Hospital were far more successful and incomparably supreme than a classic medication treatment in comparison with the previous sole medicament treatments, so this institution became the unique center for treatment of thyroid disorders in the Balkans. Since its foundation, the Cigota Special Hospital in Zlatibor strives to achieve first rate scientific and expert reputation which was greatly supported by the cooperation with the Institute for Endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism diseases of the University Clinical Center Belgrade, that made the Cigota Hospital becomes the basis of the Medical Faculty, featuring advanced scientific and educational specialization.

The Cigota Special Hospital in Zlatibor is engaged in full diagnosis and therapy of thyroid diseases, diagnosis and therapy of cardio-vascular diseases, osteoporosis diagnosis and therapy, therapy of children and adolescent obesity, diagnosis and therapy of bone and joint system. The Cigota Special Hospital department provides rehabilitation of thyroid gland diseases patients and other endocrinology diseases. The thyroid gland plays an important role in maintaining the functions of different organs in the body such as the heart, brain, liver, kidneys, and skin. This department works 24 hours-7 days in three shifts, so that patients are under constant observation of doctors and medical nurses. The continuous education of health processes and nursery is applied during the program of the Cigota Special Hospital in Zlatibor. The health care of the endocrine patients is performed under the special standards and principles. There are 9 doctors specialists and 12 health consultants and 12 medical nurses working in the Health Department of the Cigota Special Hospital in Zlatibor.

Accommodation of the Cigota Special Hospital in Zlatibor features various types of rooms and amenities that are at patients’ and guests’ disposal – the Residence, 23 suites, 50 single rooms, 62 double/twin rooms, 26 triple rooms, restaurants with 420 seats, the meeting and congress facilities with 265 seats. Rooms of the Cigota Special Hospital feature balconies with beautiful panorama of the Zlatibor forests. Each of the Cigota Hospital rooms is equipped with the wooden furniture, comfortable bed/s, chair, working table, phone, satellite TV, wardrobe, fridge and bathrooms with shower cabin, hair dryer and bathrobe. Additional amenities are the bar, pastry shop, open terraces of the restaurants, billiard, pool, sauna, rooms for recreation and gym, rooms for hydro and manual massage, hair dresser, shops, library, Internet cafe, TV Cigota Studio, Cigota Club and gallery.

For more than 20 years the “Čigota” Zlatibor treatments and therapies program successfully fights against obesity and related diseases that come from joint multiple disorders and bad habits, that are mostly consequences of  urbanization. The “Čigota” program successfully achieves its goal – reduction of lethal impact of obesity to the human health. The Special Hospital Cigota Program includes the well balanced dietary plan, the physical activities program, creation of positive group atmosphere and basic introduction into the importance of health  nutrition and recreation. The new Cigota programs include the wellness activities /manager program, anti-cellulite program, thyroid gland program and the fitness program/; the Cigota Beauty program – face treatments, pedicure and manicure, depilation, solarium.

The nutrition program of the Cigota Special Hospital includes the daily food consumption that create 900 to 1200 Kal. The five meals are recommended by day, each 3 hours, which contain fat- and sugar-free food and minimum of salt consumption. The Physical program of the Cigota Special Hospital includes individually adjusted system or exercises indoor, in the pool and long walks. The rhythm and intensity of physical exercises is coordinated with meals and is performed 2-3 times a day. All patients are divided into 4 groups, created along their current health and physical conditions, age and level of obesity. The first group form patient that are already for at least a week on the Cigota program, and do not have any serious health problems. All beginners patient – who start the program, are divided into the second group, ranging by age, health conditions or those who have some health problems, the third group consists of elder patients and those who have some health problems, patients with overweight and obesity and of pretty bad physical condition, while the patients with extreme overweight and obesity and in bad health conditions that prevent them join the group physical therapies are individually treated by professional trainers. The physical activities are performed under supervision and conducted by professional trainers and experts of the physical exercises and medical staff, with the aim of reduction of body weight, and also for improvement of physical condition, and energy and elasticity and resiliency, as well as the best way for invigoration and the anti-stress activities for all who work hard and are exhausted. All the physical activities are firmly controlled and perfectly time- and energy- scheduled. Exercises and physical activities of the Cigota program come in moderated intensity and are performed 3-4 hours a day, and include various activities – walks, pool exercises, combined with swimming and indoor exercises, in total duration of 45-60 minutes each. Walks actually come as speed hikes and are performed twice a day – in the morning and in the afternoon. Walking trails vary in length – 3 to 6 km, and walks last 40 to 60 minutes. Endurance level is also estimated and applied to patients‘ condition – from the lower up to the higher levels, related to length of the trail, speed increase and changed configuration of the hiking terrain…. In the middle of the walk, the pulse is regularly measured, and the control of the endurance level. Third Group – length of the walking trail is 3-5 km, and walk lasts 45-60 minutes each. Second Group – length of the walking trail is 5-7 km, and the walk lasts for 50-60 minutes, twice a day. The First Group walks along the walking trail of 7 km, in an hour of outdoor activity, twice a day. The unique mountainous environment of the pure fresh air, and beautiful meadows and forests of the /some say/ most beautiful mountain of Serbia provide the special pleasures, fun and invigoration of the patients. Body exercises come as the other part of the physical activities of the Cigota program. They include some 50 exercises that are specially selected by professional trainers and balanced according to the physical condition of patients. Body exercises train all body muscles and are applied for 45-60 minutes in repetition of 3-8 times each, with change of the rhythm and speed, conducted and counted by trainers. The Body exercises include warming up, stretching of the whole body, strength exercises and coordination exercises. The endurance level of each patient is firmly measured and controlled by the pulse measurement, in the mid of exercising. Pulse variability reaches 50-70 % of maximum values, that are prior calculated and  controlled for each patient.

Patients whose health and physical condition do not allow them to join the common exercises take part in the special physical therapies with individually adjusted program of exercising.

Exercises in the pool of the Cigota Special Hospital are practiced for 45-50 minutes, once a day, in the morning. The endurance level is also firmly controlled and applied with the moderate intensity. Pool activities include swimming, breath exercises, exercises of breast and shoulder parts, exercises for hand muscles, walking in the water options, exercises for improvement of strength of legs, and body exercises by the pool edge, and combination of those exercises. The level of endurance is increased every day by the swimming speed leveling, increase of number of parts in the pool, change of swimming styles, increase of repetition of exercises in the pool, increase of speed of exercising, increase of amplitude in exercising, introduction of new exercises, and in combination of two or more exercises and their combinations. Education is very important part of the Cigota program, so there are organized lectures targeting the health topics, as “Importance and role of physical activities for the Human Health”.

Obesity has increased dramatically in the past 2 decades and is now considered a health care epidemic of the mankind.  In the EU countries there are more than one-third of adults and adolescents are affected by this disease. The main burden associated with obesity is an increased risk for some of the leading causes of preventable death, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and certain cancers. Diagnosis and effective treatment of patients with obesity is therefore essential. Despite the availability of relevant guidelines and evidence-based interventions, obesity is sub-optimally managed in clinical practice. Many physicians remain uncertain about its patho-physiology and status as a chronic disease, making under-diagnosis and under-treatment common, as this disease greatly influences the economy and demography or a country. Furthermore, successful outcomes in the treatment of obesity are hampered by numerous factors, including missing or ineffective provider communication, controversies and knowledge deficits in the use of behavioral therapies in combination with adjunct pharmacotherapy, provider fatalism, and misunderstanding of obesity’s causes.

Having in mind the significance of obesity problem and the fact, by UNICEF, that there is rise of 15% in children population up to 5 years of age affected by obesity, in October 2007 the Cigota Zlatibor and Association of pediatricians of Serbia, introduced their project named „Prevention and obesity treatments of children and adolescents in Serbia“ to the Ministry of Health and the National Health Insurance Fund Project of Serbia. Since the prevention of obesity in this early age of life, undoubtedly, makes the crucial part of the future National strategy, the Ministry of Health immediately decided to support this project, and make educational activities sustainable.

The Cigota Special Hospital offers indoor pool, semi-Olympic in size, 25 m x 12,5 m, with leveled bottom, starting from 1,20 m to 1,8 m. After the pool, patients can enjoy in wellness amenities, and use the Finnish sauna with hot stones, the steam bath, Jacuzzi, and solarium. Čigota Special Hospital in Zlatibor is popular dietary and re-creative programs which helps you loose weight, while in wonderful natural environment of Zlatibor and to relax and regain condition, and the most important – learn and rise awareness of implementation of healthy lifestyle that significantly contribute to the health improvement.