Cenej rural tourism 010 – Salas Farm 137

Cenej rural tourism 010 – Salas Farm 137

This Cenej 137 farm is the most romantic farm among 400 salashes – traditional farms that still exist in Vojvodina, with its typical features, unique elements and architecture lasting more then 280 years, that surprise every visitor from the very entrance and provide memorable experiences. The famous Cenej 137 Salas Farm is situated on the old road from Novi Sad to Subotica, in the central part of Vojvodina known for its outstanding fertile soil, which traditionally enables well-developed agriculture due to abundance of dark soil especially in Čenej village, which best represents the largest group of traditional farms in Vojvodina. This part of the central Vojvodina province, thanks to this farm, became the premium quality countryside and nature lovers relaxing and resting oasis. 137 Salash Farm in Cenej is farming community which keeps the tradition and authenticity of Vojvodina lifestyle in a specific way: horse riding, carriage ride, wine tasting, slow-food preparation by this movement organization, weddings and parties choice, Adventure Park and children playground, meeting venue. The whole estate in the Cenej village now covers 11 hectares, and is entirely surrounded with orchards, nuts and greenery. Former old structures, built out of mud and load hundred years ago, are used nowadays as the riding stables boasting over 20 thoroughbreds. Pleasant garden full of greenery of the Cenej 137 Farm-salash is famous venue for fancy parties, memorable corporate events, and wonderful wedding ceremonies of unique atmosphere and outstanding romantic and imaginative features, such are the walls which bear the traditional print painting. This fantastic traditional salash-farm in Cenej welcomes the most prominent guests, artists and various visitors who regularly come back to enjoy, thanks to its high quality of services and outstanding authentic amenities …. This famous traditional farm in Cenej village is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside or the memorable gourmet experiences – gourmet interactive workshops. This well-known salash farm of Vojvodina in Cenej village, at the outskirts of Novi Sad is also a favorite destination for hunters from the neighboring countries and EU.

Accommodation capacity of the Salash 137 in Cenej is total of 15 comfortable, nicely appointed rooms of which are 5 comfortable twin rooms, 5 double rooms – with king size beds and 6 triple rooms, designed and decorated in “Alt Deutsche” style (restored antique furniture that was carefully collected throughout Vojvodina by curious and enterprising owner during years, authentic furnaces, wooden floors and ceilings, walls of loaded earth painted with most imaginative murals). All rooms of the Salash 137 in Cenej are equipped with pleasant bathroom, some with Jacuzzi, and TV sets and music, and this part contains a sauna and a gym. Salash 137 is renown as a leader in original experiences, competitions, amenities and standards and thus features a large surface of 1 hectare of uniquely fertile soil, where tasty domestic vegetables are grown, with livestock manure and specially professional dedication of the farm-salash owners. Visitors of the Salash 137 in Čenej are served by organic zucchini, tomato, lettuce, reddish, spinach, carrot, green beans, peas, beans, potato and herbs, picked up directly from the garden of the salash-farm.

Guests staying in the fantastic salash-farm 137 in Cenej village – suburb of Novi Sad which has been turned into one of the best and most authentic tourist attractions of Vojvodina. Thanks to its luxuriously arranged and absolutely original accommodation and unique amenities, during their stay visitors of the Salash 137 in Cenej are welcome to enjoy in various memorable activities : gardening, golf courses, archery, carriage and sleigh rides, hassle-free children play or handwork and folklore dancing classes, gardening, pig slaughter and cracklings melting and sausage production /which is a winter custom specific to the parts of the countries in the Pannonian plain and often-always turns into real feasts/, culinary workshops accompanied with delicious “slow – food” meals and unbeatable tamburitza music, or special experiences for holidays and festivals /like the Easter ceremony when they perform all the traditional customs and prepare the Easter breakfast – slowly cooked smoked ham, chicken and goose eggs, young onion, horse-reddish, green tasty vegetables just picked from the garden… The Cenej Salas 137 traditional farm-house provides always new experiences to clients who expect memorable hospitality, well-preserved traditions and customs of Voivodina, eye-catching and mouthwatering food, tempting surprises, inspiring locals waiting to be safely discovered. The invitation for tasteful meals is opened in the Salash 137 Farm in Cenej, to be served at the cloth-pattern tables : goat cheese with herbs, gibanitza, spinach pie, goose-liver, homemade sausage, smoked kulen – hot sausage, ayvar /relish/, roasted lamb with rosemary, rolled beef, beef cooked in kaymak, stuffed zucchini, veal cooked in soup with 5 sauces, Turkey with noodles, wild game dishes, “Popay Salad”, fresh daily made baklava, romantic wines, cakes and various authentic sweets and strudels and other fantastic Vojvodina slow-food, which always come with particular fun or finest food competitions…. The vegetables are coming from several other salas properties that run their own organic production certificated by the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad.

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