Buba Mara House to rent Deliblato Sands Bela Crkva

Strong winds from the Carpathian mountains for centuries have inflicted heavy sand and formed dunes in direction south-southwest, and had create Deliblato sands, which in some way separated Bela Crkva area from the Pannonian Plain. Deliblato Sands Nature Reserve is the largest oasis of sand, steppe, forest and wetland vegetation on the Pannonian Plain. The soil is gravel, sandy and mostly clay, being the bottom of the former Pannonian Sea, and the Nera River floods created prolific layer, which is nowadays very suitable for agriculture, viticulture, horticulture and animal husbandry, as well as the resource for the construction industry. Sand that spread all over the vast Pannonian Plain caused great problems in the past. Deliberate planting of numerous trees began during the reign of Queen Maria Theresa that contributed to rich vegetation in present time.
Climate of Bela Crkva and Deliblato Sands is temperate continental. Summers are hot and short, and winter is also short, sometimes harsh and cold, while spring and autumn are long. It abounds in many sunny, windy and rainy days, characterized by early and late frosts. The area of the Bela Crkva is very rich in water. Besides the Danube River, the municipality of Bela Crkva is intersected by the only two mountain rivers in the Pannonian plain – Nera and Karas, numerous streams, DTD network of channels and number of gravel lakes created by exploitation. The Bela Crkva Municipality features wetlands, of which the most famous is Labudovo Oko, located in the area between the Danube and the Deliblato Sands and thanks to its ecological significance belongs to the Ramsar protected areas, on the surface of 2690.25 ha. One of the most interesting parts of the “Deliblato Sands” Special Nature Reserve is the Ramsar site of Labudovo Okno, located in the extreme southeastern part of the reserve, which covers the outermost southeastern part of Banat and Voivodina, respectively the Pannonian Plain, more precisely the area between the Deliblato Sands in the north and Rama Lake on south, capturing the flow and the Danube River shores, Zilovo island, Zavojska and Cibuklija, as well as a very narrow zone of the right bank of the Danube. Ramsar site Labudovo Okno occupies part of the Danube course, 2,5 km upstream from the Zilovo island to the mouth of the Nera river, Dubovac marshes (east of the village Dubovac), Labudovo okno and Veliki rit, Stevanov Plain, and the mouth of the Karas on the left side of the Danube River shore, and Cibuklija island and Zilovo (upstream from the Ram village) and its flood plains on the southern edge of the Pannonian Plain.
Labudovo Okno is locality named after the fact that Danube shores, especially the Veliki Rit marhes are every year inhabited by swans. Ramsar Site Labudovo Okno is one of the most important nesting sites and wintering grounds, as well as the station on the migration paths of aquatic birds in Serbia. Grooves in the alluvial plain of the Danube River are filled with groundwater and form permanent ponds, which are at higher water levels and flooding connected with each other and with the riverbed, that creates completely different environment than dry Deliblato Sands. Combination of steep sandy-loess section in the dry southeastern edge of the Deliblato Sands and the wet alluvial plain of the Danube River is a great natural environment suitable for life of different plants and animals and attracts tourists and visitors. This area is particularly beautiful when the water of the Danube River is high and its waters reach the section of Deliblato Sands. As wetlands comprise the permanent waterways of the Danube and Nera River and the channeled Karas River and estuary of the Mlava on the right bank, canals, river shallows, flooded forests and freshwater swamps, the territory of Labudovo Okno features suitable conditions for existence of different plant communities, water and wetlands, and wet meadows (Gorocvet, goby, yellow onion, mushroom) and steppe pastures above the section or by the high banks of the Karas River. Labudovo Okno is one of the final habitats of the rare floral water plants and endangered wetland plant species, of which the most important are the white and yellow water lilies and orchids. Hygrophilous forest characterizes the presence of willow, poplar, black hawthorn, oak, Clematis and mushrooms.
The Danube river and its marshes record 50 species of fish of which the most important are carp, pike, catfish, perch and sturgeon. In the areas of Bela Crkva Municipality and Deliblato Sands have been created and preserved traditional activities, such as: fishing, husbandry, beekeeping, flower production, and in the surroundings, growing of corn, wheat, sunflower, apples and wine, which gradually are involved in sustainable tourism offer by various activities, in order to protect the natural, cultural-historical and anthropogenic environment.
Buba mara Forest house – holidays cottage or “vikendica” – ladybird lodge is situated in the southeastern part of the ” Deliblato Sands” Special Nature Reserve, 32 km from Kovin to Bela Crkva, 1 km along the sandy road through the forest. The plot of 200 acres, situated in pine and acacia forests of the Deliblato Sands, provides visitors unique peace, enjoyment in nature, silence, animals, flowers, as its owners perform the tireless love for beauty and highly respect the nature. The house which features the second category – 3 stars criteria is equipped with apartments on two floors, and includes a living room, a kitchen, a lavatory, bedrooms, terrace and outdoor barbecue. Accommodation capacity is up to 7 persons in 3 rooms. In the ground floor there is the living rooms with beds which can also be used for sleeping of 3-4 persons, fully equipped kitchen and a separate bathroom with a hair dryer and towels. The kitchen features gas and electric stove with oven, fridge and the necessary equipment for preparation of food. In the attic is nicely decorated bedroom with terrace. Visitors staying at the Buba Mara cottage – house to rent can enjoy the freedom of protect nature during walks in the woods and desert, stay and explore nature during a picnic, children birthdays and other family gatherings, fishing on Djurica rive, the Danube – Tisa – Danube, visit to Bela Crkva lakes, photo safari, bird watching in the natural reserve of the Labudovo okno, cycling, ferry ride from Stara Palanka to Ram, hunting in the hunting grounds of the Deliblato Sands, jeep ride, and in winter cross – country skiing along the beautiful terrain of the Deliblato Sands dunes. This house to rent in Deliblato Sands is an ideal choice for real natural lovers, as it fulfills all the desires, needs and requirements of this profile of visitors.