Brus Rural Tourism

Brzece is mountain tourist center, on the beautiful eastern slopes of Kopaonik Mountain, located on the rivers of Rasina and Grasevka, within the mountainous Brus Municipality. Brzece is known as the tourist resort situated at an elevation of 1100 meters, in the fertile wine-growing Zupa wine region, equally attractive throughout the year. Brzece tourist center is 14 km away from the center of Kopaonik Mountain resort.

Brzeće is tourist place on slopes of Kopaonik Mountain which belongs to the Municipality of Brus in central Serbia. The ski lift – Gondola Brzeće – Mali Karaman goes by the route of the former ski lift of Bela Reka 1 and Bela Reka 2 on Kopaonik Mountain. Along the gondola route there are two stations on the Kamariste and Bela Reka 2 points, while the exit station is Mali Karaman. Total length of the Brzece ski lift is 3742 meters, with altitude difference of 842 meters. The Brzece Gondola has 28 columns of which the highest column is 51 meters high. The Gondola ride from Brzeće to Mali Karaman, depending on wind and loadind conditions lasts from 12 till 15 minutes. Each cabin of the Brzece gondola has capacity of 10 skiers, with plan of taking 1600 skiers in an hour.