Black Stork Hotel Nisovo Ruse

Black Stork Hotel Nisovo Ruse

The Black Stork Hotel complex is located in the hub of the picturesque Rusenski Lom Nature Reserve of the Roussenski Lom River, in the tiny and beautiful Nissovo village, 30 km away from town of Ruse. The Black Stork Hotel complex consists of cozy detached houses which offer comfort, privacy and pleasant stay for families with children, vacations for tourist groups and team-building programs and seminars. Each house of the Black Stork hotel complex features five separate comfortable beds, a sitting room with fireplace and a dining room with kitchenette. The Black Stork Hotel complex in Nissovo /Ruse area/ features a traditional cellar – dining room with the pleasant fireplace, sport center, an outdoor swimming pool for adults, outdoor pool for children and beautiful garden full of flowers and magically fragrant pines. All rooms of the Black Stork Hotel complex Nissovo are independent in order to provide full privacy to customers, with 2 comfortable beds each /or king size bed for 2 persons/ and have an additional bed which can be used for children. Each room is equipped with nice wooden furniture, a comfortable private bathroom, air-conditioner, phone, digital TV and free Internet. The Tavern of the Black Stork Hotel Nissovo complex features a cozy fireplace and hosts 50 guests, who enjoy various delicious traditional Bulgarian dishes and beverages, as well as seasonal dishes, often accompanied with colorful and memorable folklore performances.

The sport center of the Black Stork hotel complex in Rusenski Lom Nature Park features a modern gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, outdoor pool which is favorite place both for adults and children in summer days. Thanks to its diversified amenities, the Hotel complex of Black Stork in Nissovo village in the Rusenski Lom Nature Park makes premium venue for various successfully organized meetings and events, or eco- and educational tours.

Guests staying in the Black Stork Hotel complex Nissovo are welcome to use free of charge all hotel-complex amenities, or have bikes for rent at disposal to discover the beautiful surroundings. Nature lovers are excited to take walks along the unique Roussenski Lom Nature Park, rich in varied flora and fauna, containing some protected and rare species. Here visitors can see the cave-dwelling black stork, the Egyptian vulture, the Golden eagle, the snake-eyed lizard and other animals, while of rich plants there are endangered and endemic species of wild orchards and other plants along the exciting meanders of the White Lom River, which has cut its course during ages in the gentle lime-stone cliffs. The nearby Eagle Peak Cave is one of the longest and most interesting caves in Bulgaria, located 28 km away from the Nissovo village. The Eagle Peak cave is natural phenomenon, rich in various forms of cave jewelry, numerous halls and corridors and several bat species, which make the archaeological and cultural monument of national significance. Those who are fond of wine are invited to indulge in the nearby Raynov and sons Winery, which produces small quantities of boutique delicious wines.The Nissovo village lies within the Rusenski Lom Nature Park along the Beli Lom River, just before it joins the Mali Lom River.

The Nissovo village has been established during the Ottoman yoke by settlers from the Draganovo village in Tarnovo district. Besides its extraordinary natural features, the Nissovo village is abundant in numerous exciting century-old cultural sites : impressive Medieval Town of Cherven, 28 km away from the Nissovo village /one of the most significant military, administrative, commercial and ecclesiastic and cultural centers of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the 12th to the 14th century, whose astonishing and well preserved ruins with the impressive infrastructure of the Thracian heritage, Classical-Antiquity legacy, Byzantine and Medieval churches, basilica, residences, military premises and craftsmen workshops have been declared the National Archaeological Reserve make an outstanding tourist attraction; Ivanovo Rock-hewn Churches which feature outstanding fresco paintings that are pinnacle of the Paleologus art in the Balkans, founded around 1220s by the monk Yoakim, who later became the Patriarch /UNESCO Site/; Saint Dimitar of Bassarbovo Cliff Monastery, living monastic community dating from the 15th century; Saint Marina Monastery, the nunnery in the Karan Varbovka village, which maintains the myths and legends about the healing powers of waters; Early-Christian Necropolis on the place where Roman road once passed, the Sveshtary Thracian Tomb from the 3rd century BC, near the town of Isperich /UNESCO Site/ and SS Constantine and Helen Monastery in the cliffs above the Mali Lom River, within the amazing pristine nature of the stunning Russenski Lom Nature Park…. The nearby early Christian necropolis is situated in the immediate vicinity of the village of Nisovo, where an ancient road passed. Supposedly it dates back to the 16th – 18th century. Each gravestone contains a typical cross and interesting symbols regarding age, social status and even the profession of the burred person. In 2008, while excavating the necropolis, the team of professor Nikolay Ovcharov and associate professor Boni Petrunova found a grave of a mother buried with her child, where the arrangement of the skeletons entirely copies the posture of Virgin Mary with the new born Jesus of the Christian icons. According to professor Ovcharov, the finding is unique of its kind to date in Bulgaria.

“Black Stork” hotel complex in the village Nisovo get very recognition as the best family hotel during the International Tourism Exchange “Holiday 2009” in Sofia. The owner of the Black Stork hotel complex – arch. Dragomir Stoyanov is the regional leader in tourism, who highly respect the heritage and traditions of Bulgaria, and successfully generates and operates partnership with local stakeholders, and thus  has been rightfully awarded by the journal “Tourism and recreation” with the prestigious Golden prize for comfort, hospitality and professionalism. Amazing surprises are arranged by the hotel “Black Stork” for its guests during one of the biggest Bulgarian holidays. In the spring sunny day Nisovskite girls lighten the Black Stork Hotel with songs and dances wishing health, prosperity and fertility. With its radiance and charm, the girls are able to shed tears from the eyes of guests and hotel staff. However, the stay and vacations in the Black Stork Hotel complex in Nissovo village is amazing throughout all seasons of the year.