Black Sea resorts – Romanian Riviera

The Black Sea Coast stretches out for 244km making the the main tourist area of Romania. Warm climate, miles of sand beaches, ancient monuments, vineyards and modern resorts invite travelers to seriously consider Romania’s Black Sea Coast as their summer vacation destination. Water temperatures are in between 16-20 degrees Celsius in June, between 20-28 C in July and August and around 20C in September.

Beaches, stretching from Mangalia to Mamaia, are dotted with fine resorts and hotels, and countless sports and entertainment facilities. Mamaia is the biggest and most beautiful summer resort on the Romanian Black Sea shore, named “The Pearl of the Romanian Riviera”. Mamaia is situated north-east of Constanta. Remnants of ancient Greek culture as far back as the 7th Century, BC, when seafarers established trading colonies along the coast, are still being discovered.

Romania’s main sea resorts are centered on 45 miles of fine sand beaches and include Mamaia, Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mangalia. The Black Sea coast has long been known for cures of arthritic, rheumatic, internal and nervous disorders. Eforie Nord and Mangalia Spas specialize in mud baths (the mud is taken from the area’s salty lake waters) as well as in world famous “Gerovital” and “Aslavital” original rejuvenation treatments.