Biser Lopatnice Rural Tourist complex Lopatnica village

Biser Lopatnice Rural Tourist complex Lopatnica village

The area of the Lopatnica River and the tiny village of the same name is true oasis of peace and quietness suitable for pleasant and tranquil holidays throughout the year, situated at the elevation of 300-500 meters, hidden between mountains of Troglav, Čemerno, Željin and Stolovi. The rural tourist complex of Biser Lopatnice is located 25 km south of Kraljevo, on the Ibar regular road connecting Kraljevo and Raška, where on the 20th km one should turn right in the Bogutovac village, from where there is 7 km to reach the tiny village of Lopatnica. Čačak is 30 km away, Kragujevac 55 km, Niš 170 km, and Belgrade 190 km from the Lopatnica village.

This mountainous area of the west-central Serbia features moderate continental climate, without harsh wines, fog and sudden change of air pressure, but of perfectly clean environment of pure fresh air, fragrant meadows and pine forests, and considerable richness of natural medical springs and healthy waters of the Lopatnica Banja Spa. In 1835 during the Princedom of Serbia was performed a chemical analysis of the waters of the Lopatnica Banja Spa, that resulted in weak – sulfur characteristic with specific smell that ranges it among the waters of the low ph basic/alkaline content. The Lopatnica Banja Spa water features 18C temperature and helps in curing various illnesses – rheumatism, chronic migraine, neuralgia and neurosis, diseases of nerve system, multiple sclerosis, neurotic symptoms of digestive organs illnesses, cardio-vascular system diseases – tachycardia, diseases of peripheral blood vessels, high air pressure, and various skin diseases.

Accommodation facility of the Biser Lopatnice features 3 stars standards and is located at the very entrance to the tiny Lopatnica village, right beside the river bank, with nicely appointed grassy and flowery garden with a seasonal pool, entirely encircled with mountains. Guests may choose from 2 comfortable wooden logs with 2 floors and own privacy, 48 sq meters in size, and an apartment, all bedrooms featuring view to the pool or the river. Accommodation of the Biser Lopatnice is nicely appointed with modern furniture, functional and peculiarly clean and equipped with amenities which provide pleasant holidays for 4-6 persons in a warm ambiance throughout the year – parquet-laminate floors with carpeting, air conditioning, common kitchenette with oven and refrigerator, living room with 2 extra beds and LCD TV with satellite channels, bathrooms with bathtub or shower, toiletries, comfortable single or king size beds with soft linen and towels, free WiFi. The apartment features a living room, kitchenette, bathroom and 2 bedrooms – one with a king size bed and another with 2 single beds. All accommodation units feature palette system central heating. Some units of the Biser Lopatnice rural tourist rural complex in Lopatnica village feature seating area or-and an open terrace on the porch, while guests have on their disposal seasonal open pool and barbecue place, table tennis, darts, lazy chairs, free WiFi and parking.

The “Biser Lopatnice” rural tourist complex in Lopatnica village is perfect for family vacation, romantic gateway or stay for up to 15 persons who are nature lovers, enjoy peace and tranquility, swimming in the pool or river, walks along the intact nature, riding a MTB, fishing, hunting….During their stay at the Biser Lopatnice rural tourist complex guests have opportunity to enjoy magic views, sounds and smells of nature, sunbathing on terraces in lazy chairs, walk along numerous well-market hiking trails through forests of surrounding mountains, take MTB ride, play table tennis and darts, swim in the pool or river in summer, go fishing and hunting along the mountains rich in wild game, ride a horse, take archery course-competition or take part in some extreme activities as gliding or rafting along the Ibar River, or go sledging in winter, or visit the monasteries of Studenica – UNESCO heritage site, Zica and Gradac or the Maglic Fortress or the nearby watermill….

During their stay or holidays at the Biser Lopatnice tourist rural complex in Lopatnica village guests may prepare food themselves, but rather they enjoy in tasty meals in the restaurant within the complex, with option for a packed lunch. Biser Lopatnice rural tourist complex possesses the significant award for quality of services, ranked among the 50 service providers of 3 stars category in Serbia. Guests of the Biser Lopatnice rural tourist complex in Lopatnica village testify that they experience invigorating and deep sleep, in the quietness of the pure nature, along with beautiful songs of birds and calming water gurgle of the mountainous river. Diligent owners of enthusiastic spirit of the Biser Lopatnice are always available to provide their guests warm welcome and pleasant holidays likewise the family type, and prepare healthy and tasty food and suggest the nearby attractions and places of interest to visit or simply get together with their guests, proud to present preserved customs and healthy lifestyle in the mountainous Serbia.