Bosnia and Herzegovina Countryside – Rural Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Preservation of traditions and customs in the certain areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina is slowly becoming ingredient part of the local population involvement, regardless their occupation. Passionate to share their traditions and present their customs to other people, and to enable larger audience to discover intact beauties of their local environments, there are more and more enthusiasts who contribute with their activities to development of rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is constant increase of interesting and unknown destinations in rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on its gorgeous mountains, or in flat landscapes and fields, where locals live in traditional way, preserving their customs and maintain everlasting beauties and immortal values. In such areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina live open-hearten people with broad minds and souls, ready to welcome guests.

Although without quick and wanted developing results, rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming recognizable tourist profession which gains better income for individuals, local societies and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Localities of unique ambiance, amenities and offerings distinguish themselves in the rural tourism of Bosnia and Herzegovina, such is the Stanisici Traditional Settlement in Bijeljina, which became tourist attraction of northeast Bosnia and tourist destination visited by nearly 800000 visitors from Europe and the region, who at least, for a short time get away from everyday crowds, in order to enjoy in wonderful, well-preserved and restored rural benefits and the authentic past. Place for rest and relaxation in rural ambiance has recently been established as the Ethno Bey s village in Bijambare, close to the main road Sarajevo – Tuzla. Besides the rural idyllic atmosphere, mountainous quietness and natural tranquility, in close proximity of this unique tourist spot there are indescribably beautiful excursion spots and the Bijambara cave – places often frequented by thousands of visitors and nature lovers from Sarajevo, but also from the whole northeastern and the central Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Preservation of the natural ambiance of the Herzegovina village, within its true features is implemented in the Herceg Etno Selo Međugorje – Herceg traditional settlement, only few km away from the famous Međugorje Pilgrimage site, on the crossroad between Čitluk, Međugorje and Ljubuški. The Herceg Etno settlement had welcomed its first visitors from all over the world in 2008 and since then makes a premium place which best preserves cultural and ethical values of customs of this part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Rural households and traditional villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina are timeless category and spots beyond the present time where everyday bustle has been forgotten. Those are places where visitors turn to the heritage, amazed by simplicity and uniqueness of passed, ancient way of life. Those are magical places of Bosnia and Herzegovina which invigorate both body and soul…