Bezdan Rural Tourism

Bezdan is picturesque small town with tradition in west of Vojvodina, between Serbia, Hungary and Croatia, in close proximity of the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve. Bezdan has some 5000 population and excellent chardas-fish restaurants. Bezdan is located 5 km from the Danube River and some 20 km away from Sombor and some 15 km from the picturesque Backi Monostor village. Bezdan is completely encircled with natural waters – the Bajski channel, DTD channel system, and the Bezdan-Bečej channel and the Plazovic stream. Every spring the International Regatta passes through the Bezdan-Bečej channel. Visitors of Bezdan can rent katamaran boat for enjoyment in beautiful and wild scenery or take a kayak ride along the channel as perfect recreation.

During holidays or shorter stay in Bezdan we strongly recommend visit to the Batina Battle Memorial and also the high Batina Battle monument across the Danube River in Croatia which commemorates the final fights of the Second World War between forces of the National-liberation army of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Red Army against the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany of Wehrmacht, 11-19 November 1944 that ended with antifascist victory of Yugoslav and Soviet Armies. The Batina Battle – the Batina Operation campaign – the Battle of Batina was one of the most fierce and the most terrible battles on the territory of Yugoslavia during the Second World War, and strategically most important in terms of concentration of war engineering, especially the artillery and aviation, and among the most intense battles of huge operational-strategic aims and the final outcome of the Second World War with total of 1885 killed soldiers.

Besides well-protected nature, delicious fish in numerous chardas – fish restaurants and attractive old crafts and salash farms, visitors are recommended to visit the artistic Weaving workshop of silk damask fabric in Bezdan – Bezdan Damask – former Novitet Dunav Damask workshop that since 1801 keeps recognizable heritage and customs of this area. The famous hand-weaving damask fabric workshop in Bezdan produces from silk threads high quality hand-woven silk damask fabric, along some twenty patterns and in more than 40 various colors, of which products as extraordinary table cloths, napkins and linen make unique souvenir and special gift that lasts for generations.