Nananin Salash Farm Bezdan

Nananin Salash Farm Bezdan

The Nananin Eco salaš farm in Bezdan was established in 2010 by young and dedicated intellectuals who changed their life in Novi Sad with absolutely free and simple life of unparalleled advantages of protected nature of northwest Vojvodina, in close proximity to the Gornje Podunavlje Special Nature Reserve, 22 km away from Sombor and some 33 km from Apatin. The Nananin Salaš farm in Bezdan includes 2 hectares of the authentic and entirely ecological Vojvodina landscape, a goat farm, cows, chicken and other domestic animals, small accommodation capacity, various creative and imaginative workshops, stables and accessory spaces, a greenhouse, orchards, a camp site …. During their visit to the Nananin Salas Eco Farm in Bezdan visitors enjoy in numerous activities and advantages dedicated to preservation of fertile Vojvodina plain – learning about animals, gastronomic and music workshops – courses, gardening, camping, tractor ride, relaxation or sleepeing on the hay stock or in tent….

The Nananin Salaš Eco Farm in Bezdan welcomes organized groups up to 100 visitors or weekend stay for families or closed companies. The diligent and passionate owners of this unique eco farm in Vojvodina are motivated by uniquely important awareness that manufacture and sell of souvenirs, farm products and items out from natural materials highly support small producers, protect nature, and enhance village and contribute sustainability on the farmers. Accommodation of the Nananin Eco Salaš Farm in Bezdan is organized in a triple room with facilities.

Here is comment of a guest who visited the Nananin Eco Farm in Bezdan – (James Stocks: “Thanks to Blazenka and Goran for being amazing hosts. Nananin Salaš is a special place where an amazing and unique product is made. The location in the National Park provides access to some special bird watching locations. The work is enjoyable with Goran in the garden. Unfortunately my stay was cut short but i hope to return in the future to learn how to make real artisan goats cheese. Blazenka and Goran are passionate about art, science and living the village lifestyle. You will meet locals aplenty and be welcomed with heartwarming hospitality. Thank you guys, it was beautiful to have a magic week with you and the farm. Big love, Jimbo 🙂

Diligent owners of the Nananin Salaš Farm – Blazenka and Goran pay special attention and love to organic food production of healthy, fresh and tasty food. This eco farm is widely famous for the finest Goat Blue cheese from pastures of Bezdan which is described by experts as ‘Truffles among cheese’ and ‘the Alchemy of Flavors‘ and reaches the most prestigious restaurants, hotels and kitchens of Serbia, but also reaches Switzerland. Visitors of the Nananin Eco Farm in Bezdan have opportunity to enjoy in memorable warmth and openess of hosts, and famous Bezdan fish paprikash, original Blue cheese or bleu cheese, cookies prepared from grain or honey and gluten free, homemade bread, juicy tomato and other fresh vegetables, pickled salad prepared from organic fruits and vegetables from the Bio Garden, flavors of old dished with herbs and forest products, mostly from own production…. but also tones of Jazz and Rock, all as result of imagination, artistic gift and sweet feeling of freedom.