Besna kobila Mountain

Besna kobila Mountain

The Besna kobila Mountain /Wild mare/ is located in the south of Serbia, 40 km east of Vranje, close to the international highway E-75 to Macedonia and further Greece, and makes the part of the mountain massif that include the mountains of Dukat, Bele vode, Doganica and Gloška planina Mountain. At the foot of the Besna kobila Mountain there is the Vranjska banja Spa, known for the hottest curative springs in Europe, with water temperature that reaches around 90ºC….. South of Vranje, some 30 km away, there is the Saint Prohor of Pcinja Monastery, the pearl of the Medieval architecture and art of Serbia, which is 4 km away from the border with Macedonia.

Besna kobila Mountain is part of the Rhodope Mountain massif that is mainly composed of the granite rocks. The highest peak of the Besna kobila Mountain is on the elevation of 1923 meters, from where spreads panorama of the Veliki Strešer peak (1876 m) of the Vardenik Mountain, to the Kopaonik and Šara mountains, and the Vlasinsko jezero / Vlasina Lake/, and the Rila Mountain in Bulgaria. Peaks of the Besna kobila Mountain are covered with show during the most of the year, while the foot of the mountain come with deciduous and coniferous forests, with pastures in the upper parts. The Besna kobila Mountain features richness of wild, self-grown medicinal herbs, vast areas of blueberry, wild forest plants, as well as variety of more than 700 species of woody, herbaceous and shrubby plants. Among most frequent herbal plant species of the Besna kobila Mountain are St John, mullein, nettle, mint, milfoil, blueberry, raspberry, Lemon Balm, Dandelion…  In the close proximity of the peak of the Besna kobila Mountain there are Grot mines of Plumb and Zinc.

In the old times, nomads with large herds of golden-fleece sheep, horses and oxen arrived and settled on this wonderful mountain ….  Mountainous pastures, endless forests, suitable mountainous climate, clear soil, icy waters of rivers and streams, and fresh and sharp mountain air provide excellent conditions for invigorating vacations and stay in the Besna kobila mountain, but also as the excellent escape from summer heath. Sky-running league of Serbia is organized on the slopes of the Besna Kobila Mountain, which attracts large number of participants and adventure-lovers, who take part in the climb to 1800 meters, along the track of 25 km, from the center of the Vranjska Banja Spa to the peak of the Besna kobila Mountain, at 1923 meters. Besna kobila Mountain nowadays makes still unspoiled oasis of nature, that enables various winter sports, excursions and recreation in the healthy environment, summer camps with education on medicinal herbs, bicycle ride, night skiing, ride with motor sleighs on snow or jeep ride on marked and earth and forest trails… Besna kobila Mountain also provide excellent conditions for hunting, as it is abundant in wild game – wild boar, fox and wolf

In 2008 was established the Public Enterprise of “Skijalište Besna Kobila”, with the aim to build and improve the tourist infrastructure and create conditions for attracting larger number of visitors, before all the ski lovers and enthusiasts for activities in intact nature. The tourist center of Besna kobila provides its visitors options for various sports and recreation throughout the year. The Mountain Hut „Besna kobila“ has 80 beds and is set at the altitude of 1480 meters. In last years, locals from Vranje, and even those who are not fond of winter sports, love to spend their weekends on this gorgeous mountain. In the restaurant they enjoy in traditional food, as uniquely tasty specialties of trljanica, samsa and propeć....