Beocin accommodation

Beočin is Municipality of Vojvodina Province, positioned on the right banks of the Danube River, on the northern slopes of the Fruska Gora National Park, with some 16000 inhabitants who live in 10 settlements – Beočin town and village, Rakovac, Čerević, Brazilija, Banoštor, Susek, Sviloš, Grabovo and Lug. By territory the Beocin Municipality belongs to the northern part of Srem district, and it is part of the  south Backa County, 17 km west of Novi Sad, and 35 km away from Ilok in Croatia via village of Nestin. Municipality of Beocin is surrounded with thick forests of Fruska Gora Mountain that hide monasteries and sites of cultural heritage. Close vicinity of intact nature and river amenities of Beocin Municipality provide various options for outdoor activities and pleasant holidays or short break with accommodation and amenities in comfortable holiday homes and boarding houses… Beocin is also set amidst vineyards highly exposed to sun and Danube River waves. Thus there are numerous wineries and wine cellars in Beocin which produce excellent wines and rakija….