Belogradchik Falkovets Village

Belogradchik is small Bulgarian town situated in the northwestern Bulgaria, in Vidin Province, and picturesquely situated in the western part of Stara Planina Mountain, at 545 meters above sea level. Belogradchik is about 180 km northwest of Sofia, 55 km away from Vidin and close to the Serbian border. Featuring unique natural characteristics and rich historical inheritance, the beautiful scenery and dark green alpine trees nestled between gigantic red sandstone rocks, Belogradchik is one of the most attractive tourist places in Bulgaria, where myths, legends, even traces of ancient Thrace are waiting to be discovered by visitors. Near Belograchik there is the Chuprene Biosphere Reserve which covers an area of 1439 hectares on the northernmost slopes of the Stara Planina Mountain and belongs to the UNESCO heritage. Chuprehe Biosphere Reserve protects the primary forest of picea excelsa, the only and the biggest spruce forest in Stara Planina Mountain.