Belintash Thracian Sanctuary

The Belintash rock massif, about 800-850 meters long and between 20 and 40 meters wide in some parts is situated some 30 km to the south of the town Assenovgrad, in the mystical Rhodope Mountains. The Rhodope Mountains are famous and glorified for being a powerful energy source. The hands of the compass practically ‘go berserk’ under the influence of the strong magnetic anomaly in the Rhodopes and the Belintash region, and snow melts as soon as it touches the surface of the volcanic rock, which seems to have preserved some of the heat of the molten lava.

Belintash is a natural bare rock plateau rising 50 meters high, assumed to date from the 5th century BC, although some scientists consider it much more ancient. As per silver plate dedicated to the Thracian god of Sabazius found nearby it is believed that Belintash was sacred to the Besi Thracian tribe. The plateau of Belintash had been formed as a result of volcanic and tectonic processes, and reveals a 360° panorama to the surrounding mountain tops. The upper rock Belintash platform is flat and smooth, as if cut by knife. The entire natural rock phenomenon of Belintash is cut by absolutely straight lines, crossing at right angle, as if precisely hewn in rock and covered with thousands of smaller and bigger holes full of water, which looked from above form the constellations the Great Bear, Orion, Lion etc. There is another legend saying that this place is an Eneolithic map of the religious sites in the region, in the center of which is Krastova gora. It is assumed also that could be the first world map.

A number of mysteries and legends are related to the rock massif Belintash. The name of the rock, translated from ancient Turk languages means “clever stone” or Stone of Knowledge. The researchers of the region are sure that somewhere in the rock is hidden the ancient library with knowledge of the Thracian people. Other legends say it is a place of great treasures. It is believed that only one sun-ray reaches the stone womb, only by equinox. According to Thracians that is when heaven fertilizes earth.

The Belintash rock is a favorite site for a number of extra sensitive people. They can feel a special strong energy field and come to the rock to fill in with positive energy. The stone itself radiates a perceptible phenomenal energy, thanks to which feelings become more sensitive, thoughts – more clear, and one can feel strength filling his spirit, mind, body. Archaeologists unanimously consider that the Belintash site as ancient pagan Thracian sanctuary dedicated to the God Sabasius, worshiped by the Thracian tribe Bessi, hat inhabited these lands in the 5th century BC. At that site the Thracians predicted the future by the stars. A proof of that is the silver plate with the image of deity discovered in the foot of the rock. According to historical resources this site was a place for offerings and prediction. In the fiery altars priests poured out wine and predicted future by the height of fire. A necropolis mound has been found about a kilometer away from Belintash, believed to be a tomb from the late Bronze period. There are numerous conjectures and hypotheses regarding Belintash, but for sure the rock massif is one of the sites where one wants to visit by all means. Many people tried to climb Belintash, but only a few were successful, most often something unexpected happened to them on their way up through the rocks.