Bela Crkva Rural Tourism

Bela Crkva, is a little town in the south of the Banat District in Serbia, close to the border with Romania, 96 km away from Belgrade. Bela Crkva Municipality reaches the left shore of the Danube River, on the west and north it borders with Municipalities of Kovin and Vršac, and to the east with the Romanian border. Bela Crkva is known for its old streets with colorful baroque facades, picturesque countryside, beautiful parks, seven beautiful lakes, confluence of rivers Karas and Nera with mighty Danube, nearby Deliblatska peščara – Deliblato Sands Special Nature Reserve, making altogether Bela Crkva as the unique tourist oasis. Famous ”Flower Carnival” is held traditionally every summer, great fruit production and wines of high quality…

The stunning nature, charming baroque facades in fresh colors, beautiful parks and its astonishing aquatorium, comprising Danube, Nera and Karas rivers and seven gorgeous lakes, make this picturesque town a true tourist oasis. Ferry ride along the mighty Danube River is a special attraction for every visitor, that enables relaxed encounter with unique natural and cultural sights of Bela Crkva.

The pleasant breeze comes from the Carphatians and lot of sunny days that give a special taste of delicious fruits grown here, /particularly the apple/, make the tranquil atmosphere of Bela Crkva inviting everyone to the relaxed and memorable vacations. Visitors love the incomparable beauties of Bela Crkva crystal lakes while swimming and bathing in hot summer days. There are wild remote beaches surrounded by the intact nature where guests immerse in the beauty and solace of nature or the kayaks, canoes and associated equipment waiting to improve the paddling experience and increase endurance out on Bela Crkva urban beaches. The sailing and diving courses are regularly organized on group request.

Those seeking for cultural explorations can choose among variety of attractions in Bela Crkva : the Museum founded in 1877. is the first museum established in Vojvodina, 6 churches of different confessions, the viewing point and the “Three crosses” Monument, beautiful park more than hundred years old, where cultural events and traditional performances are held. The “Czech Village” and the “Stara Palanka” /Old Palanka/ are nearby traditional settlements of significant importance presenting preserved customs and authentic old-crafts and historical collections. Archaeological funs are to be thrilled visiting Ram, the ancient Roman fortification as well as gorgeous Viminacium, the former monumental Roman town and the legionary camp from the second century A.D. famous for its excavated architecture, paintings, jewelry, graves, baths, coins and other known/recovered issues featuring its significance on the border of Limes.

Deliblatska Pescara /Deliblato sands/, is the largest sandy terrain in Europe, once part of a vast prehistoric desert originated from the withdrawal of the Pannonian Sea, usually called “the European Sahara”, today the unique natural reservation of special importance along the Danube River covering the area of 29000 hectares, only 15 km far from Bela Crkva, rich in rare birds and wild game within genuine flora that attract local visitors and hunters from far and wide. It is the last and the biggest protected oasis of the sand-steppe and forest vegetation, which once dominated over the area of Pannonian lowland. Due to great layers of the Eolian sand and the distinct dune relief, it is planned to be registered in the World list of protected and cultural property /UNESCO/.

There are many traditional events held in Bela Crkva such are : the “FLOWER CARNIVAL”, with its fragrant tradition long more than 150 years to celebrate the most beautiful balcony in the town decorated with magic flowers, or the “HUNT ON BESI” which is the fishing contest to catch a monster catfish “BESI” in deep lake, over 100 kg weight. The hilly terrains around Bela Crkva are full of orchards and pine woods, featuring the long tradition of fruits growing /grapes, pear, apple/, especially the exclusive quality of apple. Therefore the “BELA CRKVA IN APPLES” touristic Event is traditionally held every autumn to glorify Bela Crkva apple production and welcome those who love delicious apple products /cakes, sweets, pure apple brandy …/

Variety of accommodation facilities are at disposal : bungalows and brand new luxuriously decorated lodging houses located at the bank of Glavno jezero, Hotel in the central part of the City park, around 200 meters from the main lake, large camps situated in the lake zones with excellent facilities, family hotels/ pensions and rooms of good category.