Bel Kamen – White Stone Resort Radovis

Bel Kamen – White Stone Resort Radovis

White Stone Resort and Spa is 4 stars newly built tourist-sport resort and facility on Plackovica Mountain in east Macedonia, between Strumica in the south, and Stip in the north. The Bel Kamen – White Stone Resort and Spa in Radovish is ideal tourist facility for true rest and recreation at all seasons thanks to its position amid natural environment, and beauties such as the high rocks, rare flora and fauna and numerous amenities which provide pleasant and invigorating vacations.

The hotel complex of Bel Kamen – White Stone is located at the elevation of 1450 meters, surrounded with dense beech and pine forests. Total accommodation capacity of the Bel kamen Resort in Radovis is 16 rooms, of which 12 double rooms, 3 family rooms and 1 VIP Apartment. All rooms of the Bel kamen – White Stone Resort Hotel in Radovis are spacious and feature beautiful view of the mountain idyllic surroundings, equipped with massive wooden furniture, mini bar, cable TV, free wireless Internet, nicely arranged bathrooms with showers. The restaurant has 160 seats and offers large choice of gastronomic delights of outstanding quality inspired by local and Macedonian cuisine, with an emphasis on using the own organic products grown within the beneficial Plachkovica Mountain. Owners are particularly proud of the environmental aronia plantation which is used in preparation of the finest food served here. The Bel Kamen hotel has a beautiful terrace with a capacity of 260 seats, surrounded by beech forest, suitable for successful organization of various all kinds of celebrations, parties and events.

Spa and wellness of the Bel kamen – White Stone Resort Hotel is modern and clean and includes Jacuzzi, steam bath, Finnish sauna, massages, fitness and beauty treatments. There are physical activities awaiting guests of the Bel kamen – White Stone Resort Hotel Radovish – sports terrains for basketball, tennis court, soccer and golf grounds, as well as numerous organized hiking trails with different difficulty levels and road and off-road biking trails along the well-marked trails in Plachkovica Mountain.

Plackovica is one of the most beautiful mountains in the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia, rising its ranges in direction northwest-southeast for about 34 km between the Strumica and Radovis basins. The Plackovica mountain is divided by rivers into two parts: eastern and western. The western part is lower, with the highest peak “Turtel”, while at the eastern (upper) part of mountain “Lisec” are located “Chupono Brdo”, “White Rock” (Bel Kamen, 1707 m) and “Kara Tepe” peaks. Plackovica Mountain highest peak of “Lisec” (1,754 meters) represents a big challenge for numerous climbers, especially for the local Mountaineering Association in Stip called Lisec. The Plackovica Mountain features rich flora and fauna with several species that live only here. Also on the Plackovica Mountain are the three gorgeous canyons: Kamnik, Kozjak and Zrnovka River Canyon, which possess wonderful natural features of waterfalls, towering cliffs, etc… For many visitors, the Kamnik canyon with its beauty is the copy of the Colorado canyon but in miniature. All the necessary infrastructure for approaching all the Plackovica Mountain canyons are available (delimitation, billboards, road signs, cables and resting places). Of the many beauties of the Plackovica Mountain are the mountain caves, and the largest one is 600 meters long, called the “Great Cave”.