Baracka Eco camp-Workshop Bezdan

“Mrtva Baračka” is marsh – natural oasis with water lilies and fishermen terrain rich in various fish, on the road from Bezdan to the Danube River, close to the Bajski channel. Baračka is part of one of the largest weekend settlements where on the surface of 25 sq km under flowing and stagnant waters an Amazon type tourism and nautical activities are performed. Those waters are surrounded with forests, often with centenary trees that provide special quality and fulfill experience of the Backa Plain. In all settlements there are cycling trails, while the village itself is encircled with the Danube River, the Large Backa channel and the Bajski channel. Here in Baracka area the most often fish is carp, silver Prussian carp, grass carp, pike and bass. Here are caught some huge pieces of catfish of 50 kg and some 2 meters in size.

In the Dunavac area of some 3 km, in the part known as the Stara /old/ or Mrtva /dead/ Baracka there is the Baracka Eco Workshop – place of intact nature founded some twenty years ago by famous guy from Sombor, Ivan Kovac Kice. The Baracka Eco Camp-Workshop is often full of water lilies and provides memorable landscapes during boat ride or fishing. Hidden from view and deep in quietness, the Baracka Eco Workshop for more than 20 years welcomes travelers, fishermen and first of all children keen to stay in and discover nature. Only 20 km away from Sombor, in close proximity of the border crossing with Croatia, on the road to Batina village, this is ideal choice for temporary shelter for all who want to forget the hassle and stress, and to understand why Ivan Kovac Kice /who is not with us any more/ chosen this place for particular School of Life, as here they tell about life in pure nature, nature protection, danger from ticks, mosquito, grass and water snakes, forest fire, making fire, fishing, rowing, scaling of fish….