Banja Hotel Rajska Banja Spa Zvecan

Banja Hotel Rajska Banja Spa Zvecan

The Banjska settlement is located on the territory of Zvecan Municipality in north of Kosovo and Metohija, 12 km north of Zvecan, 16  km north of Kosovska Mitrovica, 4 km away from the regular road Kosovska Mitrovica – Kraljevo. The tiny and quiet Banjska settlement had played important role in the history of this area, since the Roman reign and further during the Serbian Medieval state.

The Rajska Banja in Banjska village is set in the picturesque natural environment of gentle hills, on the shore of the small river of Banja, the right tributary of the Ibar River, at the foothills of the Rogozna Mountain, on the historical cobble-stone road Dubrovnik – Carigrad /present Istanbul/.

The Banjska settlement is located at the elevation of 550 meters and is renowned from historical times by the epic songs about the Serbian hero of „Banović Strahinja“, but also traditions on King Milutin who erected right here the Banjska Monastery – one of his royal endowments, dedicated to Saint Stephen.

Just below the Banjska Monastery there are four springs of uniquely hot and sulfur waters, of unbelievable temperature of 54 C and 44 C, rich in calcium-carbonate, that were primarily used by workers of the large industrial complex of Trepca Mines in the middle of the 20th century.

The thermal waters of Banjska are rich in ions, cations, calcium, magnesium, Natrium, Kalium, and belong to the alkaline-hipper-thermal waters in terms of the physical and chemical characteristics. Right there, on the foundations of the old springs, recently the new Medical-tourist center of Rajska Banja has been built, which contains comfortable accommodation, wellness and spa amenities, three open pools, semi-open pool with thermal water, sauna, steam bath, hydro-massage showers and baths, massages and medical services. Visitors and guests of the Rajska Banja Spa have at disposal the Visitor Center, restaurant and medical treatments capacities.

The comfortable Banja Hotel in Rajska Banja Spa near Zvečan has 14 rooms and suites, of which 2 are specially equipped for people with special needs, and provide comfortable and affordable stay with medical and invigorating facilities throughout the year. Rooms and suites of the Banja Hotel in Rajska Banja Spa are equipped with amenities for pleasant stay or medical treatments – laminate floors with carpeting, single or king size beds, and bathrooms with shower, LCD TV, heating…

The Banja Hotel in Rajska Banja Spa serves its guests rich and varied breakfast and tasty food which pleases every taste and needs, prepared from locally grown ingredients. The Banja Hotel Rajska Banja Spa features pools with thermal waters of constant temperature of 36C and had regained the spa and medical tourism, besides the existing religious and cultural tourism in this part of Kosovo and Metohija.

Available tourist resources use numerous natural advantages and tourist and hotel capacities, at the same time improving the crafts and manufacture, handwork and autochtonous products of this extraordinary clean and healthy area. Tourism and related economies provide sustainable economic development of the northern Kosovo and Metohija, and enables existence and return of the Serb population to this part of Kosovo, with improved conditions for its economic and social survival.

During their stay at the Banja Hotel of the Rajska Banja Spa, besides the medical and healing services in thermal waters, guests enjoy in additional amenities and activities – touring the Banjska Monastery, the Devine Vode Monastery and the Sokolica Monastery and the Zvecan Fortress, mountain-bike rides, discovering and learning about the lifestyle and customs of the locals, rafting along the Ibar River, water sports on the Gazivode Lake, adventurous activities on the Iron trail of the Via Ferrate on the rocks of Berim peak – 1731 meters, one of the highest peaks of the Mokra Gora Mountain, making it the main tourist product of the Ibarski Kolasin area. In recent years the Via Ferata Berim attracts numerous lovers of adventure from the region and worldwide, as it is unique tourist attraction on the mountains in the Balkans…