Vila Babin zub Balta Berilovac Stara Planina 116

Vila Babin zub Balta Berilovac 116

This pleasant rural tourist household in East Serbia provides invigorating vacations throughout the year, but also a memorable skiing on Stara Planina in winter season. The Babin zub villa is located in East Serbia within the Nature Park “Stara Planina Babin Zub” in the foothill of Stara Planina Mountain in sleepy and tiny Balta Berilovac village, some 15 km from the Stara planina Ski center. The Balta Berilovac village is first time mentioned in the Turkish defter – record from 1576 as the Barilofča village, which is village that at least has 1 dželepek household – meaning at least 25 sheep in a household, of which household hosts pay tribute of 1 sheep per 25 sheep. 

You reach the Villa Babin Zub in Balta Berilovac village taking the highway from Belgrade and passing Paracin, Zajecar – along excellent road, and further Knjazevac, turning left after 5 km in Kalna village by the bridge, to finish the last 15 km in the Balta Berilovac village along pretty bad road. This pleasant rural household of Babin zub is named after one of the peaks of Stara Planina Mountain and is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside. It is 70 km away from the Konstantin Veliki Airport in Nis.
Vila Babin Zub on Stara Planina Mountain is comfortable household situated in the remote Balta Berilovac village of Stara Planina Mountain. This is an eco-village of exceptional beauties, with vast yard and children playground with parking, surrounded with clean natural environment, fragrant meadows, orchards and pastures of Stara Planina slopes. The Babin zub villa is surrounded with meadows and orchards and pastures, and a Trgoviski Timok stream passes just besides the household. The accommodation is arranged in 5 spacious and comfortable bedrooms with own bathrooms with showers /one double, one three-bed room and one room with 4 beds/ all equipped with comfortable facilities – TV, DVD, free Internet and satellite programs, wardrobe, chairs and table, hair dryer. An extra bed is always available on request. The Villa Babin zub is nicely appointed, furnished with authentic details and wooden furniture and has central heating and a common kitchen, where tasty food is served. The Babin zub villa is very popular for winter-lovers and skiing on Stara Planina Mt and family vacations, while some visitors rank it as the most convenient place for refreshment during hot summers.

Guests staying at the Vila Babin zub receive and exchange unique hospitality and warmth of their diligent hosts, who take care of their tranquil holidays, always surprising guests with presentation of well preserved customs and unbeatable tasty traditional food and delicacies, prepared from locally produced ingredients by friendly, highly skilled and experienced grandmother Naca of the family. Naca is one of the best selected cooking masters of Serbia, who participated in numerous culinary competitions and TV shows. Delicious home-made dishes are served regularly in the Babin Zub Villa : belmuž, gologlavka, trljenica, young sheep cheese of Stara Planina, ayvar, roasted meat, natural honey, traditional cookies
Hosts of this interesting villa in Stara Planina foothill do everything to protect and preserve environment. Along bee-keeping and cultivation of their rich organic garden – to be comfortable and truly enjoyable for their guests. In this rustic villa at the foot of Stara Planina, guests can buy authentic organic products prepared by hosts from thier own production : homamade slatko 1 kg – 4 EUR, natural honey 1 kg – 4,50 EUR, homemade šljivovica 1 l – 5,50 EUR, several kinds of jam and slatko /jelly/ 1kg – 3,50 EUR, ajvar – ayvar 1 kg – 3,50 EUR, medicinal herbs, teas and other natural produces….

Owners of the Babin Zub Villa at Stara Planina Mountain run their farm with several cows, sheep, poultry and goats and organize various memorable folklore and exciting entertainment performances – unbeatable cooking courses, Shepherds games with picnic, Singing of Stara Planina old-fashion style, Kolo dance, playing traditional instruments....that specially please guests…. This rural Villa in Stara Planina Mt is just another place in Serbia where you can sleep like a baby and where traditions are so well preserved !
Interesting places : traditional architecture of Minic village, potable springs on Stara Planina Mountain, Saint George Monastery in Temska Village, Custica village, Kalna village, Timacum -Minus Archaeological site
Activities : walking, trekking, nature exploration, bird-watching, horse-riding, picking-up medicinal herbs and forest products, skiing, mountain-biking, hunting, folklore and culinary courses, old-crafts workshops, oldest Serbian dialect classes, skiing and winter sports…

Please watch authentic songs of Balta Berilovac village and Knjazevac area as unique animation