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You may think you know much about the Balkans, but until you have been to any of the Balkans places, you really do not understand the organization of its cultures and the long-lasting mystique of the region. And even if you have visited the Balkans, it is still a bit hard to describe….


The outstanding natural, historical, cultural, ethnic, religious, linguistic, social and political diversity of the Balkans makes precious and important tourist resource and option for transforming this region into competitive transnational tourist destination – the Multi-destination regional Balkan tours/travel and the Balkan expedition. PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL TOUR OPERATOR SERBIA is seriously and sincerely dedicated to the real knowledge on the Balkans as tourist destination, and customers’ satisfaction with priority given to customers’ expectations and experiences. We believe that the excitement obtained from traveling comes from experiencing lifestyle of different cultures and environments, from meeting with true locals and sharing for a while their attitudes, feelings, customs, beliefs, legends, myths and way of life, as today travelers want to learn and understand the eye-catching culture and history of the places they visit. Our customers are ecstatic to such hands-on workshop experiences providing synergy between the Balkan characteristics, as our tours are great commitment to changing the way that tourism is working in the Balkans, and integration of several destinations into one product is commonly accepted as profitable regarding the expenses.

PANACOMP WONDERLAND TRAVEL LCC Serbia is proud to offer more than 300 enriching trips – tour packages – escorted cultural tours throughout Serbia and the flavorful Balkans. Our special Multi-country Balkan tours are operated in close cooperation with numerous /ca 4000/ selected suppliers, excellent partners and specially chosen and respected Balkan travel experts – tour operators from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania for individual clients who wish private tours or the groups of 6 up to 20 participants. Balkan Tours are guided by multi-talented professional expert travel guides and special travel advisers, while some groups keen to explore rich cultural heritage of the Balkans are guided by the Serbian Orthodox monks, art historians, historians and archaeologists.

Regional Balkan tour packages can start and end in all the neighboring countries-airports /Sarajevo, Athens, Venice, Skopje, Podgorica, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Budapest, Tivat, Vienna, Tirana, Timisoara, Sofia, Dubrovnik, Bucharest, Zagreb…./ where our expert guides welcome our groups and take them along the imaginative itineraries. …. It’s up to you to decide what destination and tour style best match your wishes and let us know when you would like to travel.

Western Balkans

PANACOMP Balkan Cultural Tours are carefully planned as unique Balkan heritage trails focused on the local culture, art, architecture, music, uniquely hospitable people of the Balkans, genuine food and wine and plenty of memorable surprises and excitements you can experience only in the Balkan countries : handcraft workshops, Myths-hunting, Balkan traditional food and delicious homemade products, touring the ancient prehistorical, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman sights, antifascist monuments and landmarks of the Balkans, Balkan local events and festivals, amazing Rural households featuring traditional lifestyle, “gold-mining”, sheep sheering, icon painting, Cyrillic calligraphy and woodcarving courses, music and folklore courses … with no hidden charges and extra costs !

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