Bački Petrovac Rural Tourism

Culturally and economically prestigious Backi Petrovac Municipality consists of four settlements out of which Bački Petrovac is a settlement of a town character, and center of Municipality, while the other 3 settlements feature characteristics of Panonian type villages: Kulpin, Gložan and Bački Maglić. Bački Petrovac Municipality is situated 24 km north-west of Novi Sad on the regional road connecting Novi Sad – Odžaci – Sombor.

The Democratic Army of Greece capitulated in the autumn of 1949 and turned into illegality when the large number of Greek soldiers and their supporters and the Slavic-Macedonians fled across the border of the neighboring communist states – to Albania, Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. At first refugees got helped in Yugoslavia, in the refugee camps on the territory of the National Republic of Macedonia, and since May 1945 started their organized transportation and settlement in the village of Buljkes in Vojvodina – at present Maglić in the Municipality of Bački Petrovac, in which lived Germans until the end of the Second World War. Some 4.000 members of the left-oriented National-Liberation Army of Greece (ELAS), the armed wing of the National Liberation Front (EAM) had found shelter in the Buljkes village after the bloody civil war in Greece, 1946-1949. Greeks had organized here the ex-territorial autonomous Greek colony – commune with the Assembly, Police, unique money – the Buljkes dinar, the Hospital, newspapers, the Theater, and numerous crafts workshops with the aim of sustainability of life, as well as the agriculture economy with the cattle and agriculture mechanization on 3500 hectares of fertile land of Vojvodina. Thanks to organized institutions this settlement was named and known as the „seventh Yugoslav Republic”. The Greeks lived here peacefully until the division between Tito and Stalin after which majority of those people from 1949 left the Buljkes village and resettled to the countries of East Europe block. Only a small number remained in Yugoslavia. When the Greeks left, the village of Buljkes experienced organized colonists from the other parts of Yugoslavia, mostly from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Lika ареа in Croatia and the South Serbia. After the immigration the village changed its name into Bački Maglić, after the mountain on the border between Montenegro and Herzegovina.

Bački Petrovac is the largest Slovakian community and economical cultural and administrative center of Slovaks living in Vojvodina, who settled here in the first half of the 18th century (1745). Agriculture is the most important economic activity in Bački Petrovac Municipality, where production of field crops, cattle, and vegetable crops prevail. Slovak cuisine and drinks are very hot, spicy and heavy, featuring strong rural roots, with lots of meat, herbs and vegetables, wheat and potato flour, cheese from cows and sheep, potatoes, onions and garlic. Although rice is not grown here, it is widely-used and incorporated in Slovakian food. Beans, corn on the cob, lentils, parsley,  carrots, pork, beef, chicken and fish are the most popular meats and ingredients. Fruits like apples, plums, apricots, peaches, plums and cherries are offered as a side dish alongside the main meal to mitigate the strong flavors and heavy food aromas.

Visitors of Bački Petrovac Municipality enjoy in touring numerous museums, colorful folklore performances, festival and handcraft exhibitions, culinary courses, cultural and art galleries, Castle in Kulpin village – the best preserved castle of Vojvodina, or relaxing and fishing on the Danube River shore, on the 1284th km of Danube waterway, or winter idyll in Vojvodina lowland. Those who would prefer fun and amusing water activities, sport excitements, plays in swimming pools and geo-thermal water thrills are strongly recommended to visit the largest and the most modern aqua Park in the Balkans – the Petroland in Backi Petrovac ! This Aqua Park provides unique experiences and refreshments in summer days, located at the very entrance to Bački Petrovac. The Petroland Aqua Park was extended to the surface of 4100 sq meters and includes relax pool, large Jacuzzi, children pool with attractions. This Aqua Park in Backi Petrovac is enriched with Wellness&spa center which contains 5 sauna (Bio sauna, Finnish sauna, Steam bath, Infra sauna, Salt room), as well as the ice pools, Jacuzzi, tepidarium, warm bath and wide range of massages.

Bački Petrovac nearby interesting places and activities: culinary courses – preparation of authentic Slovak dishes and the famous tasty kulen hot sausage, Danube River, Canal network system of Danube-Tisa-Danube perfect for fishing, walking, sports, Museum of Agriculture in Kulpin, swimming pool in Maglić, rich hunting grounds, folklore festivals, …