Backi Petrovac Galleries

Backi Petrovac Galleries

AHOJ Traditional Ethno House Gallery and  URBANČEK Gallery – Backi Petrovac Galleries

AHOJ” Traditional Ethno House – Gallery Backi Petrovac – The pleasant ambiance of Ljubosava Strba artisan workshop, full of traditional tools and elements of authentic lifestyle, colorful traditional Slovak costumes, art works, crafts and antiquities of the Slovakian culture, old crafts and various original handwork welcomes you to participate in manufacturing the handwork products from ceramics, glass, canvas, linen, straw and dried flowers, easily taken as a memorable souvenir…. At the Ahoj Ethno House in Backi Petrovac there are number of creative and imaginative interactive workshops organized, to provide visitors learn well-preserved customs, flavors and tastes of the Slovaks, usage of natural materials, discover traditional crafts and socialize with cheerful locals who are keen to present their skills such are pottery, weaving, making millet brooms, while those who want – should also try to make their own souvenir. It is possible to dress up traditional Slovak costume and make a photo of this memorable event, or to learn basic steps of original dances, with help of cordial hosts. Traditional gastronomic delights follow those activities as visitors are also invited to taste the most delicious traditional kulen /special Slovak smoked hot sausage/, the brand of Backi Petrovac, along with homemade grape brandy and wines, or the delicious goulash or authentic hot Slovak meal – “krupli na capsi”…. The Ahoj Ethno House in Backi Petrovac is famous for ultimate reconstruction of the authentic Slovak wedding ceremony at the garden of the Agricultural Museum in Kulpin, which best represents original and well preserved customs that used to be performed in wedding of Slovaks for centuries, and are well preserved until the present day !

Here is an impression of visitors who took part in the Backi Petrovac excursion:

Hi Ellie Wanted to tell you that we had a wonderful time. Rachel met up with Tatjana and her family. Wendy and I enjoyed the visit to the monasteries and Perko’s salash farm. The ladies in Kulpin dressed a teenage granddaughter in a traditional wedding costume. The Ahoj and Urbancek galleries in Backi Petrovec were also well worth the visit. Miroslav, husband of Ivanka from Panacomp Travel acted as our guide and driver. He was very helpful and informative. All in all it was a brilliant week. Undoubtedly we will go again especially as Tatjana is expecting another baby in the Autumn. Thank you for all your help. I have tried e mailing Ivanka but if you have contact with her please pass on our thanks.
Best wishes John Nickless’

URBANČEK Gallery – The hyper-realist painter, Vladimir Urbanček, who worked for many years in the USA, founded the Memorial Gallery in his home-village of Bački Petrovac, to preserve the Slovakian culture and traditional customs presented in his works of art. A private nicely appointed and blueish arranged house in genuine Slovakian style and colors is where visitors learn how paintings are created by this famous artisan and take away their own art work home as a cherished memento. Urbancek Gallery is one of our favorite and truly inspiring place of interest in Backi Petrovac !

Gallery of Women Association Backi Petrovac – permanent exhibition of traditional Slovakian culture, every day life and habits. The cultural heritage of Slovaks in Backi Petrovac that has been thoroughly preserved and maintained, with the kind hospitality of hosts, invites you to discover the delicious traditional recipes…