Žabalj rural tourism – PANACOMP “Babin Salas” Farm rural property for rent 101

Numerous families used to live on farms in Vojvodina where people were born and passed away living happily from their own hard work. They used to get up in the early morning and went to bed just after the sun went down. The life on farms was performed according to the rules of nature as the food was solely prepared in traditional way from ingredients grown on the farm. Farmers drunk water from the estate fountain and there was always plenty of homemade brandy served during the year around… One of such authentic farms is “Babin Salas” – “Grandmother’s Farm” which is located in the middle of the main road connecting Novi Sad and Zrenjanin that makes joy for every visitor due to its “Pannonian tranquility” and peaceful ambiance coming from the vast Vojvodina plain. It is 28 km far from Novi Sad and about 100 km from Belgrade and 22 km from Zrenjanin.

“Babin salas” farm has been built some 80 years ago and its objects are constructed of earth from Vojvodina plain, that used to be popular in the last centuries. Farm is traditional estate whose hosts are very successful producer of fruit plants for thirty years. The most significant are exceptional quality breeding-plants of nuts, peaches and hazel-nuts surrounding this true Vojvodinian place full of greenery….. Besides growing breeding-plants cordial hosts produce delicious fruits. Amongst the most popular are apple sorts : Idared, Golden Delicious apple-excellent for eating fresh, pies & salads, Granny Smith and the “Salaska zora” branded fruit brandy prized with best awards on Novi Sad Agricultural Fairs – golden medal for 15 years old plum brandy, silver medal for quince brandy in 2006 and silver medal for the nut-brandy in 2008. The nut-brandy is unique spirit made of young nuts and medicinal herbs that is slightly sweeten with honey.

The accommodation capacity is 6 beds in three double rooms with facilities equipped in the highest standards and authentically furnished with romantic decoration from the good passed times. Guests to the ” Babin Salas” farm are offered with home-made food according to the Grandmother’s recipes : “Hot Farm Dish”, Soup of domestic Chicken and Domestic Guinea Fowl with home-made noodles, potato grained with bacon or “cvarci”, sarma, Farmer-s Style cabbage and cabbage-casserole, stuffed squashes or stuffed paprikas, sarma in wine-leafs, beens with smoked meat and bacon, musaka, various goulashes, baked meats, sweets with smoked plums, noodles with cheese or poppy… served with homemade brandies from their cellar. There are numerous domestic animals to make excellent relaxed atmosphere : chicken, geese, pheasants, rabbits, guinea fowls, donkey, horse…

Special feature of this place is possibility of organization of memorable parties, gatherings, birthday celebrations and crazy events with guaranteed worm atmosphere and good mood that is all in harmony with the farm complex.

Activities : gardening, arranging flowers, making homemade brandy, horse-back riding, fishing, culinary workshops of traditional specialties, competition in preparing feast cake, cycling, feeding domestic animals, boat riding on nearby Tisa and Jegricka Rivers, badminton playing, chess, donkey riding, golf playing on the nearby golf terrains, sightseeing of Fruska Gora Medieval Monasteries and Kovilj Monastery…..