Arilje Rural Tourism

The Municipality of Arilje is situated in the western-central part of the Republic of Serbia and belongs to the Zlatibor county, spreading at the altitudes between 330 to 1382 meters. Arilje Municipality covers an area between courses of Moravica, Veliki and Mali Rzav Rivers, with hilly and mountainous terrain and the narrow belt of plain land surrounding the Moravica River. Arilje is well connected with large economic, cultural and administrative centers of Serbia – Užice, Čačak, Kragujevac, Ivanjica, Belgrade…. The region of Arilje is rich in pure waters and attractive forests, which set it among the cleanest and the healthiest regions in Serbia. Crystal clear mountain rivers and streams abound in pure and high-quality water that flow across the whole territory of the Arilje Municipality, that together with well preserved eco environment make excellent conditions for water supply, fish breeding, tourism and healthy food production. Almost entire population of Arilje county is engaged in raspberry growing, which made it famous as the Raspberry Capital, whose small manufacturers annually produce over 20 million kg of this world known fruit.

Arilje and its gorgeous surroundings feature rich cultural and historical heritage, among which are the Church of Saint Archilles, Klisura Monastery, Church of Saint Nicholas in Brekovo village, Memorial Ethnographic Museum of Mijailo Gavrilovic, Archaeological site of the Roman Well, Gradina and the Church of Saint Elijah, House of the Academic Painter Ljubomir Jovanovic, while its outstanding natural characteristics and interesting rural tourist households which provide tourist services, enable active and invigorating vacations throughout the year. The Vodena Pecina cave – the Water cave and the source of the Panjica River makes a natural phenomenon, which deserves thorough exploration of speleologists. It is until now estimated that the water masses which flow out from the Water cave are actually creation of the underground river formed by several streams whose courses go under the surface somewhere in the area of Kukutnica and Okruglica sites in Bjelusa village. Okruglica-Visočka klisura Gorge makes unique landscape of karstic plateaus and ravine forms and valleys on the territories of Municipalities of Arilje, Ivanjica and Nova Varoš. Josif Pančić, famous Serbian botanists discovered the endemic plant of Campanula secundiflora in the canyon of Panjica River, on whose course there is the Water Cave with beautiful waterfall, accessed by hiking trail between the village of Brekovo and the hamlet of Šuljajići.