Arilje rustic Ravijojla Villa to rent 147

Arilje rustic Ravijojla Villa to rent 147

Ravijojla Villa – Ravijojla Fairy is located in Pogled hamlet, about 2 km away from the center of beautiful Arilje in central Serbia. Ravijojla Villa /famous South Slavic fantasy creature of the Serbian epic songs/ is respected rural tourist household – home-stay situated on beautifully arranged beaches of the Rzav River – the cleanest river in Serbia. The Vila Ravijojla tourist accommodation was inspired and branded by the Serbian and South Slavic oral tradition and epic songs, historical and mythical legends about the Prince Marko Kraljevic of the medieval Serbian House of Mrnjavčević /with the word kraljević meaning “prince”, or “king’s son”/, and the Vila Ravijojla /beautiful nymph girl with long hair/. This Arilje accommodation is surrounded with lush forests and invigorating waters, in close proximity of well-known „Mlinarev san” Restaurant-catering lodge, famous for its tasty traditional specialties and wonderful nature, located in lush and fragrant green setting. Thanks to its comfortable and original amenities and exceptional location, Ravijojla Villa Arilje is very suitable for family vacations and stay of small parties who are TRUE nature-lovers. Young, diligent and dedicated host and owner of the Ravijojla Villa in Arilje comes from the distinguished family with civil background, active member of numerous artistic and eco clubs whose skills and expertness attract visitors keen to experience such beneficial effects and services in the Beauty Center that perform beauty treatments, maintenance of good health condition, balance of body and soul, invigoration state and detoxification of organism, and food based on fresh and unprocessed and raw supplies /if wanted/. Specially cozy, hospitable and pleasant atmosphere dominates the Villa Ravijojla and its natural surroundings, making vacations in Arilje and Ivanjica area truly memorable. In harmony with impeccably clean and invigorating natural environment of Arilje and Ravojojla Villa itself, where visitors come to breathe the fresh mountainous air and its interesting features, active vacations and host’s dedication to preservation of health and positive energy provide beneficial effects.

Total accommodation capacity of the Ravijojla Villa in Arilje is 3 comfortable apartments with 6 up to 9 beds. Accommodation structure is three-seated and two-seated beds-sofa, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and sitting space for common parties in the basement ; two bedroom, of which one has king bed and another one two separate beds, kitchen and bathroom on the first floor, and specially decorated and uniquely romantic attic room named the „Ašik soba” equipped with canopy, and kitchenette and bathroom, that successfully describes the sense and gives charm to the entire villa. The interior of the Ravijojla Villa in Arilje is arranged in unique harmony of traditional and modern styles, furnished with authentic furniture and elements, which are mostly red – as the raspberry – the highlight and one of the most lucrative and main economic branches of Arilje and Serbia. This nicely appointed facility was chosen among numerous rural service provides in the project of Regional Development Agency Zlatibor for improvement of standards, amenities and visual identity and redesign based on the resources that already existed in the households, which was successfully accomplished, as we see now. Due to the fact that there is fully equipped kitchen available at the Ravijojla Villa, most guest prepare food by themselves as supply of food is easy and mostly come from locally grown ingredients. For groups it is possible to arrange meals organized by hosts, as per previous announcement. Ravijojla Villa in Arilje has its own parking and two nicely arranged beaches on the Rzav River, what make it very good destination for summer vacations. This uniquely pleasant rustic Villa in Arilje is part of our special offer for weekend packages in Serbian countryside.

During their stay at the Ravijojla Villa in Arilje guests enjoy in various outdoor and nature-based activities – walks in the nature, cycling with mountain bike along 100 km of well marked cycling routes and mountainous terrains, bathing in Rzav River, fishing, adrenaline sports, picking up raspberries /brand of Arilje/ and medicinal herbs along with the “Raspberry Party”, preparation of natural juices and conserves and pickled foods, beauty treatments, excursions to surrounding places representing rich historical and cultural and natural heritage and outdoor activities of the Zlatibor county – Saint Achilles Church in Arilje , Saint Nicholas Church in Brekovo village, Klisura Monastery, Homeland Ethnographic Museum of Mihailo Gavrilovic, Water Cave and waterfalls of Panjica stream, Visocka Banja Spa thermal springs, archaeological site of the Roman Well, Gradina and Church of Saint Elijah, House of Academic Painter Ljubomir Jovanovic, Canyon of Orlovaca, Observation point of Klokoc, rafting on Veliki Rzav River, Studenica Monastery….

Vodena pecina – the Water cave and the source of the tiny Panjica River makes a natural phenomenon, which deserves thorough exploration of speleologists. It is so far estimated that the water masses which flow out from the Vodena pecina – Water cave are actually creation of the underground river formed by several streams whose courses go under the surface somewhere in the area of Kukutnica and Okruglica in Bjelusa sites. Okruglica-Visočka klisura Gorge makes unique landscape of karstic plateaus and ravine forms and valleys on the territories of Municipalities of Arilje, Ivanjica and Nova Varoš. Josif Pančić, famous Serbian botanists discovered the endemic plant of Campanula secundiflora in the canyon of Panjica River, on whose course there is the Water Cave with beautiful waterfall, accessed by hiking trail between the village of Brekovo and the hamlet of Šuljajići.