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… and the lasting Legacy of Yugoslavia – Antifascist Monuments of Yugoslavia….. The impressive monuments of Yugoslavia attract numerous artists and visitors….


Serbia has a wealth of fascinating archaeological sites and by the excavated and researched data of Danube inscriptions is even home to the world’s oldest human settlement of Lepenski Vir which is 10,000 years old that gave rise to daughter civilizations such as those of the early Bronze Age Anatolian, Kurgan, Minoan, Mycenaean, Upper Danube, and Atlantic Europe …. The present day Serbia may have been the home to one of the first great civilisations with crucial human advances performed by ancient Serbs who originated in the Danube River basin – they had the first written scripts, they smelted copper before anyone else, lived in urban settlements with large houses and roads…. In addition to those spectacular monuments and heritage of Lepenski Vir prehistorical archaeological sites, Serbia is home to many Roman and Byzantine cultural monuments including the Belgrade Fortress, Viminacium, Felix Romuliana, Mediana, Iustiniana Prima, Ulpiana – Iustiniana Secunda and the Tabula Trajana and many other peculiar sites…

The earliest copper smelting activities and metal-works there took place c. 7000 years ago in the Vinca culture area – flourished from 5500 to 4000 BC on the territories of what is now Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia, contemporary with the emergence of the first cast copper objects. So, the first extractive metallurgy occurs at a location far away from the Near East, challenging the traditional model of a single origin of metallurgy.

In the written sources of the Frankish documents the Serbs are first mentioned rather indefinitely in 822: »Sorabi, quae natio magnam Dalmatiae partem obtinere dicitur«…

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