Aqua Star Danube Hotel Kladovo

Aqua Star Danube Hotel Kladovo

The ”Aqua-star Danube” Hotel is comfortable 4 stars spa-wellness hotel that provides pleasant vacations or shorter stay with lovely excursions throughout the year, situated at the nicely arranged beach of the Danube River in Kladovo, the city of extremely long and rich history.

Intense development of Kladovo dates since the early 15th century and according to historian records of that time, it was established at the spot of the former prehistorical settlement, and later ancient town of Zanes. After the civil-military camp of Zanes on the Roman Limes, at the beginning of Middle ages, the Slavic settlement of New Town has been established and unfortunately soon after demolished by Hungarians in 1502. Two years later, it was reestablished and new stronger fortification was built – Fethi Islam /Fetislam/, during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent, on foundations of the ancient town of Zanes, which remained until present.

The Danube Limes was one of the most important frontier sections of the Roman empire which is proved by the strong military power concentrated along the line. There are hundreds of Roman military installations along the Danube in various states of survival. But there are still sites on this borderline where the exact location and size of the Limes monuments is neither known nor recorded.

The Ada Kale -Ada Kaleh – was the river island on the Danube, 4 km downstream from Tekije, on the spot where the Danube River suddenly winds direction Kladovo, almost along right angle, which went into the history by this name. In the antiquity this island was called Saan, while it was known as the Ducepratum during the Roman rule.

The island was 1750 long and only 500 meters wide and for centuries was the strategic point where many invaders fought, with the aim to control navigation along the lower course of the Danube River. In the middle ages there were constant fights for taking over this part of the Danube course, so here were settled Hungarians, Turks, Mongols, Bulgarians…

In one moment, as the vassal of the Hungarian Empire, the despot Stefan Lazarevic ruled the Ada Kale island. Prince Eugen of Savoy conquered the island in 1717 when they started construction of the Karolina Fortress, which was called on the Serbian side of the Danube River as the “Fort Elizabet“, after the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, wife of the Hungarian Emperor Carol VI.

Ottomans fought for the island all the time, and eventually succeeded to invade it in 1738. Thanks to excellent position, population of the Ada Kale Island maintained close merchandise, intelligence and smuggling relationship with both shores of the Danube River, so every reign provided special custom and tax benefits.

The ratluk – rahatluk – Turkish delight was exported, and visitors used to come here to enjoy various sweets, as the alva – halva, rose and fig jam, nargilla…

In 1963 the Ada Kale Island on the Danube was submerged when the Djerdap Hydro-Power plant was constructed. The Kale fort was destroyed, stone by stone, and transferred to the nearby Simijan Island, 18 km downstream, where it has been reconstructed, as well as the graveyard. Other structures on the island were demolished, in order not to obstruct navigation along the Danube. Population emigrated to Turkey, Yugoslavia and Romania…

“Aqua-star Danube” Hotel in Kladovo is surrounded with famous Negotin vineyards, at the Danube bank and only 10 km away from the ”Đerdap” Hydro Power Plant. The Aqua-star Danube Hotel in Kladovo, 4 stars category facility boasts 60 comfortable single and double rooms, including 9 suites which come in design and amenities which provide full comfort to both business people and leisure tourists.

All rooms and suites of the Aqua-star Danube Hotel in Kladovo are air conditioned, equipped with stylish wooden furniture, wall-to-wall carpets, lovely private bathrooms with showers, mini bar, direct telephone line, free WiFi Internet access. Guests staying at the Aqua-star Danube Hotel in Kladovo are provided with 24h room service.

At the Aqua-star Danube Hotel Kladovo there are 2 restaurants, “Imperator” and “Symphony“, where guests enjoy in delicious traditional and international gastronomic dishes, with the emphasis on freshly caught fish specialties. While consuming one of the numerous cocktails or excellent wines of the Negotinska Krajina region at the “Paradise” open terrace of the Aqua-star Danube Hotel in Kladovo, guests enjoy in the fantastic view of the Danube and 1 km long beach.

The Aqua-star Danube Hotel in Kladovo features Wellness and spa center which spreads over 800 square meters and includes indoor saltwater pool, saunas, Jacuzzi for 8 persons, massages, aromatherapy, steppers, treadmills and bikes, which are available 24 hours a day. Also hotel “Aqua-star Danube” Kladovo offers physical therapy equipment, massages therapies and a hair dresser.

Besides comfortable accommodation and excellent food, guests staying at the Aqua-star Danube Hotel in Kladovo are provided with shopping center, hairdresser, sauna, gym, several sport grounds, children playground, and for those who are fond of more active holiday, there is wide spectrum of extra activities such are: fishing school, diving school, golf, rowing, water-skiing, surfing, hiking and cycling tracks and “unbounded joys”.

Thanks to the modern and technically fully-equipped Congress hall with the capacity of 50 seats, Aqua-star Danube Hotel in Kladovo enables successful organization of symposiums, conferences and private celebrations.

Guests also choose to enjoy in the unique cruising along the Danube by the newly built, highly luxurious tourist cruise boat Maxim with registered 70 seats in 2 decks-platforms. The Maxim cruise ship operates-rides through the most beautiful part of the Danube River course and the Iron Gate Gorge – the Small and Large Basins of the Danube, to the Tabula Traiana plaque, by the monumental Decebel Monument carved on the high cliff above the river, by the tiny church which designates the former Mraconia Monastery on the Romanian side of the river, flooded by creation of the Djerdap Plant …

This cruise boat operates for particular groups and guaranteed departures special Danube River cruise from Belgrade to Kladovo and back ! This is truly the best and unique way to explore the beauties of the Danube River while cruising, and accompanied with tasty food and high quality drinks served on the boat – surely provides visitors the memorable experiences.

Places to see: Fetislam fortress, Diana fortress, Đerdap National Park, archaeological site “Lepenski vir”, Tabula Traiana – Trajan’s plaque, “”Đerdap” archaeological museum, Veliki and Mali Strbac.